Change This: Good Food Manifesto

goodfood“It is time and past time for this nation, this government, to react to the dangers inherent in its flawed farm and food policies and to reverse course from subsidizing wealth to subsidizing health.” – Will Allen

A new manifesto by farmer and community activist Will Allen was just posted to Change This, called A Good Food Manifesto for America. This piece is a timely, relevant, and compelling read. If you’re interested in the state of food and food systems in this country, I highly encourage you to download and read it, then share it with your friends.

“We have to stop paying the largest farm subsidies to large growers of unsustainable and inedible crops like cotton. We have to stop paying huge subsidies to Big Corn, Big Soy and Big Chem to use prime farmland to grow fuel, plastics and fructose. We have to stop using federal and state agencies and institutions as taxpayer-funded research arms for the very practices that got us into this mess.

We have to start subsidizing health and well-being by rewarding sustainable practices in agriculture and assuring a safe, adequate and wholesome food supply to all our citizens. And we need to start this reform process now, as part of the national stimulus toward economic recovery.”

Head over to Change This and download A Good Food Manifesto for America.

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Derek Markham

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