Are You Concerned about School Food?

What do you think about the food served in schools?

More and more parents are expressing deep concerns about the quality of food being served in schools. And many are still unaware that there might be anything to worry about.

Healthy Child is taking their Eat Healthy program to the next level by joining forces with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and MomsRising to help propel national efforts to improve school food.

Are you interested in helping?

The first step is helping them determine what the main concerns of parents are and how to best empower us. They’ve developed a very short survey and need to get as many people as possible to fill it out to help guide their campaign and make it as successful as possible.

Will you please fill it out and then share with your social networks?

Take the School Food Survey

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4 thoughts on “Are You Concerned about School Food?

  • We are going to get 50 teams together, 1 for each STATE. And in each STATE we are going to do the required steps to try and get FOOD DYES AND EXCITOTOXINS out of our childrens menu items at school. Europe has already stepped up to the plate and when they were asked why, they said, “Basically because it harms our children and we can’t have anything in our foods that is harming them”.
    50 TEAMS
    CONVO ME if you have a desire to see this through and take YOUR STATE ON!

    Let’s all JOIN TOGETHER to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!/group.php?gid=151638114849949
    Mothers Against PoisonS (MAPs)

  • Janelle

    Susie- Your effort sounds awesome! Will you please email me – janelle (at) because I’d love to plug your efforts into the broader campaign (which will also help you find local leaders to help with your efforts!)

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  • David@spindlerepair

    Well of course why wouldnt you be? Personally i felt blessed when i brought a paper bag to school lol


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