Two Collaborative Consumption Services Make Swapping Simple

This time of year, it’s easy to get caught up in the “We don’t have the money for that right now, because the holidays are coming up” blues. However, you don’t necessarily have to have cash or credit to be able to get the things your family needs, and you can also get rid of the stuff you don’t use at the same time, thanks to a couple of collaborative consumption services that make swapping simple.

TradeYa offers a platform for bartering just about anything, from goods to services. Simply post what you’re willing to trade, and list what you want in exchange, or search the marketplace for the stuff or help you need:

“TradeYa barter exchanges are currently available for any tradeable good or service, from musical instruments to vacation homes to Photoshop lessons. The platform combines the accessibility of localized classifieds, the culture discovery of members-only boutique shopping, the excitement of auction bidding and the matchmaking of online dating. To create a customized user experience and support ongoing successful relationships within the community, TradeYa suggests and connects traders who share similar tastes or relevant skillsets.” Valet service could be an answer for families dealing with the revolving door of outgrown kid’s clothes, older gadgets, no-longer-needed sports gear, and more. The Valet service does lots of the work for you, as all you need to do is pack them up and send them in, and they take pictures and do the listings for you. You can set a price for each item, or leave the money out of it and swap your stuff for other items.

“Kids grow up fast. You end up with your storage spaces filled with items that are not being used anymore. But still, they are in very good condition, so you don’t want to throw them away either. At the same time you need to get your kids a whole bunch of bigger clothes, larger sports equipment and more advanced toys. Valet Service is the smartest way to do that!”

Derek Markham

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