Dads, Could You be a Milkman?

I’m all about the dad being a big part of the children’s lives, but here’s some things I just won’t do, like breastfeeding.

For those who haven’t heard of male lactation, Laura Shanley has the scoop:

“A breast is a breast. Male lactation is physiologically possible and, according to Dr. Robert Greenblatt, production in males can be stimulated by letting a baby suckle for several weeks. Indeed some human males secrete milk at birth and at puberty.Historically, male lactation was noted by the German explorer Alexander Freiherr von Humboldt prior to 1859, who wrote of a 32-year-old man who breastfed his child for five months. It was also observed in a 55-year-old Baltimore man who had been the wetnurse of the children of his mistress.”

Whaddya think, dads?

Derek Markham

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One thought on “Dads, Could You be a Milkman?

  • I’ve never been one to dub something as woman’s work, but if ever there was something that fits that description, I would say that breastfeeding is it. Thought provoking though.
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