Save the planet with your manhood: BeardsOn plants trees for whiskers

This Australian non-profit’s campaign urges men to “unleash a beard” to “save the planet with your manhood.”

For 90 days this summer (actually winter, as this campaign originates in Australia), BeardsOn is running a campaign to “Save the planet with your manhood for future generations,” and although saving the planet with your ‘manhood’ might be worthy of a giggle or two, rest assured that it’s your beard, not your genitals, that’s being referenced here.

From June 1st to August 31st, participants in the BeardsOn campaign will be ditching their razors and growing out their facial hair, which, aside from the earth-friendly savings in water, razors, electricity, and assorted shaving products, will also be used as the focus for conversations about conservation, as well as serving as a ‘sponsored’ feature for raising money for planting trees.

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Derek Markham

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