Kickstart some Green Magic with Steve Trash

Here’s a cool green project on Kickstarter that could use some backers:

“Hi. I’m Steve Trash. I care passionately about the environment and I totally love magic tricks and illusion… just as much!

I would like to share both of my passions with the entire world through 52 short professionally shot and edited HD videos that people around the planet can enjoy, share with their friends, and spread the word about our amazing planet.

Over the years, I’ve done many video projects for kids, but this is not one of them. We want to make these videos for grown-ups like you.

Each episode of GREEN MAGIC MOMENTS will share an ecological idea through amazing (wow… how did he do that?) sleight of hand magic tricks. The subjects covered will include; The Water Cycle, Recycling, What does it mean to be green, or simply magic that helps us remember that we should appreciate the natural world around us.

So here’s the plan. We’ll release one new GREEN MAGIC MOMENT each week, starting in April 2011 and keep on going for 52 weeks. At the end of the 52 weeks, we’ll bundle the 52 episodes up and create a DVD (with behind the scenes footage as well) and make it available for purchase in our online store.

We’re hoping that these short videos serve as a nice little oasis of zen/magic in the middle of everyone’s hectic day (imagine yourself standing in the DMV line and you watch a short little eco-magic clip… It might just make you feel a little better). I’m convinced that it will.”

Help kickstart Green Magic Moments.

Derek Markham

Things I dig include: simple living, natural fatherhood, attachment parenting, natural building, unassisted childbirth (homebirth), bicycles, permaculture, organic and biodynamic gardening, vegan peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips, bouldering, and the blues. Find me elsewhere at @NaturalPapa, @DerekMarkham, Google+, or RebelMouse.

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