Keep the Hives Alive Documentary Highlights Plight of Pollinators

Honey bees, which we rely on for most of our food crops, along with a wide variety of other pollinators, are under pressure on a number of fronts, some of which we understand and can address — pesticides and habitat loss — and some of which are quite beyond our reckoning at the moment, such as Colony Collapse Disorder. And although some would argue that focusing on a singular pollinator is the wrong problem to solve, the simple fact of the matter is that if we don’t take action on the most pressing issues for honey bee populations, we’re going to end up in very hard place in the not too distant future.

The following short film is well worth the half hour it takes to watch it, and with any luck, afterward you’ll be moved to learn more about pollinators, to take action on their behalf, or to support those who do.

“In June 2016 a group of beekeepers, farmers, community organizers, environmental groups, and concerned citizens banded together to host the “Keep the Hives Alive Tour” to raise awareness about the plight of pollinators and how toxic pesticides contribute to their decline.

“Collectively, our mission is to educate the public of the dangers of bee-toxic pesticides; share the stories of beekeepers whose livelihoods have been jeopardized (and some lost) by the continued use of these products; and urge the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Congress to take action on toxic pesticides and support sustainable agriculture.”

Learn more at Keep the Hives Alive.

Derek Markham

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