Does Going Green Matter?

“In recent years, it has become very fashionable for a company to announce that they are “greening” their supply chain. The changes these companies propose would have a significant effect on their carbon footprint, not to mention their public profile.

So, what’s the real reason for the move toward green supply chains? Do these companies really care about the environment, or are they just trying to win over consumers? We’re curious: would the eco-friendliness of a company’s supply chain affect your decision to buy their products?”

Take a minute and fill out this short SoftwareAdvice.com survey with how you feel about the greenness of a company’s supply chain.

Derek Markham

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One thought on “Does Going Green Matter?

  • It matters to a lot of consumers out there. But I think one important factor is that companies are realizing that it is more profitable in the long run to “go green”.
    Ray Anderson from Interface is proving this and others are jumping on board following his, and other companies like Patagonia’s example.
    To me this shows that there are many factors driving this and those of us who buy things have the power to demand change now.


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