Listen to the Children: Tell Obama to Lead the U.S. at UN Climate Conference

The most important reason for environmental activism is the legacy our children will inherit. What will they say to their grandchildren?

“Sorry, our parents were too busy watching Lost and American Idol to give a damn. Now be quiet and eat your Soylent Green.”

From the WWF:

“To urge the President to lead us in Copenhagen and outline what we’d like to see in the agreement, we invited children of WWF staffers to tape a personal message to the President asking for his support. Watch the video now. We hope you’ll be inspired to send an email or write a letter to the White House that tells President Obama that you want him to go to Copenhagen to protect our planet.”

Take a moment and ask the President to attend UN climate change talks this December and to help reach a global deal to solve climate change.

Image: broma at Flickr

Derek Markham

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