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3 thoughts on “F is for Failure: Why America’s Education Isn’t Worth the Money

  • Raise the standards, give students/parents the option for a voucher to a private school. I hope that the parents are involved in the schools, if not get involved. We’ll be involved and he’ll go public/government schools, but I’ll be ‘the’ dad that is heavily involved.

  • As I look at the outcome of society around me, it makes me realize we spend more money on social and enviormental issues in the schools, than the 3 Rs. Not that social studies are not important, but not primary. We are more concerned about the state of politcal correctness than algebraic equations. Until someone say STOP, it will not change.

  • Derek, our education system suffers the same fate ANY time our (Federal) government gets involved! Local schools should serve local people…it’s simple. If FINALLY we as a country get back to the founder’s desires for small government and BIG people, maybe our education system can thrive again. There needs to be competition – vouchers – and accountability and FAR LESS self-esteem and political correctness…but I don’t have an opinion!


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