Bilingual Literacy Campaign Provides Free Books and Resources to Support Reading at Home

READ CONMIGO Parents helping their bilingual kids to build strong reading habits can get a boost from Read Conmigo by receiving free books and resources to support those efforts.

“Read Conmigo books feature creative, fresh and engaging stories in both English and Spanish, so that parents and children can read aloud together. The campaign promotes the distinct educational, social, and financial benefits of bilingualism and provides parents with free tools and resources to help them create a lifelong love of reading. Many Latino parents who do not read fluently yet in English are hesitant to read to their children at home in Spanish, yet bilingual reading together is just as effective at building good reading skills. This helps students raise their reading levels and succeed in the classroom, and fosters a positive learning environment. The books are also helpful for Hispanics who want to nurture their children’s Spanish fluency, and for all parents who want to foster reading at home and encourage learning a second language.”

Read Conmigo, sponsored by Infinity Auto Insurance, is a parent-focused bilingual literacy campaign launched in March of 2011 that has already distributed over 350,000 free books to both classrooms and families.

Parents of kids in grades K-5 can register online to receive free bilingual children’s books every second month (shipped free to residents of California, Florida, Texas, Arizona and Alabama – all others receive free e-books). Educators can also take advantage of this literacy campaign by signing up for a free one-time shipment of free kid’s books at Read Conmigo.

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