Move Over, Boy Scouts, the Hacker Scouts are Here

hackerscoutssmallI was a Boy Scout as a kid, and I certainly got a lot out of it, including a love for the outdoors and a strong sense of self-reliance. But as an adult, I now feel quite different about the organization. Their homophobia and exclusionary policies really turn me off to them (I’m sure there are still good people doing good work in Scouting, but the leadership and archaic policies need to change). One other issue is that it’s for boys only (yes, I know that’s why they’re called “Boy” Scouts), and as the father of a couple of daughters, I see a need for more opportunities for girls to learn things that we’ve culturally considered to be for boys only.

And that’s why the Hacker Scouts concept is intriguing to me, as it focuses on helping kids of both genders to learn tech and DIY skills:

Hacker Scouts

Graphic via

Derek Markham

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One thought on “Move Over, Boy Scouts, the Hacker Scouts are Here

  • Interesting article and Infographics.
    I was also a scout when I was young.
    I was in Europe and attend a group called “AGESCI”.It included both males and females but only Catholics ones.
    DIY is always a good thing both for kids and adult!


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