Classroom bike generators bridge the gap between learning & exercise

By combining movement, education, and energy production, these pedal generators could be a great green classroom (or playroom) accessory.

Green-Read-and-Ride-BikeAdam Boesel, the creator of the Green Microgym, hasn’t been sitting back on his pedal-powered laurels, as he’s been continuing to work on his version of a reliable, affordable, and robust bicycle generator system that can combine exercise and power production. And the latest from Adam is an innovative tie-in between his UpCycle Ecocharger bikes and an education program, specifically a focus on reading and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) topics, through a ‘Green Read and Ride’ project at a Michigan elementary school.

The Green Microcycles, as Adam calls them, for this school project will include not just the bicycle, with its flywheel, generator, power meter display, and grid-tie inverter, but will also feature a front-mounted book or tablet holder, which will allow students to produce their own electricity, get exercise, and get their reading time in at the same time. According to his site, this newest version of the UpCycle Ecocharger came about as the result of a partnership between a physician, a community foundation, and the elementary school, and is intended to “help bridge the gap between learning and exercise.”

Read the full article and find out about the great deal Adam is offering right now: Green Microcycles bike generators could help bridge the gap between learning and exercise

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