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TINY: A Story about Living Small [Tiny House Documentary]

This tiny house film has not been released yet, but I know we’re all interested to see how things turn out for Christopher Smith as he crafts his own mini home in Colorado:

TINY: A Story about Living Small (teaser)

“TINY is a (short) documentary about the ways we find ourselves at home. Following one man’s attempt to build a tiny house from scratch in the mountains of Colorado, the film is a meditation on the relationship of home to environment, of quality and simplicity to a life well lived.”

Find out more, read the blog, or preorder the film here: TINY

Derek Markham

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2 thoughts on “TINY: A Story about Living Small [Tiny House Documentary]

  • This is a super cool project, and look forward to seeing this movie.

    I saw a few of these when I lived in seattle. They were really interesting. The only problem is when you have to take a dump, you need to ask your company to leave.

  • Building is challenging–we found out the hard way. Everything in a tiny house has to be precise. BUt I do like living in mine! Deena in Denver


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