Wake the F**k Up: Support Tough Air Toxics Standards

[If you’re offended by strong language, you might want to stop reading right f*cking here.]

It seems that the book Go the F**k to Sleep has become a viral favorite of sleep deprived parents across the web, so I took a page from the same playbook for my clean air appeal:

The coal plants continue to pollute our air
And our politicians drink the koolaid from their cup.
You’re cozy and warm all alone in your head, my dear.
Please wake the fuck up.

The windows are dark in D.C., my friend.
The lions are leading the sheep.
If you don’t want to wear a respirator soon,
You’ll stop being fucking asleep.

The lobbyists and power brokers aren’t going to rest,
And from the citizens comes no peep.
Just remember that you’ll take what they give you
Until you stop being a fucking sheep.

The wind brings mercury and arsenic to your lawn,
Because of lack of proper controls.
Remember the Clean Air Act?
It has a bunch of fucking holes.

All of our citizens are in dreamland,
Hypnotized by the mainstream press.
Meanwhile the health of our children
Is under major fucking stress.

The talking heads say nothing is wrong,
But ‘stay tuned for more celebrity news’.
The newspapers will cover the royal wedding,
But not coal toxins on the fucking loose?

Poisons from coal drift across this great land,
Entering our food, our water, our soil, our air.
And right now is the time
To show you fucking care.

It’s dumb enough to burn fossils for our fuel,
But it’s even dumber to breathe the gases.
So let’s take this shit to Washington
And kick some polluting asses.

Tell Capitol Hill and the powers that be
That you won’t be a lab rat
For the fossil fuel industry any longer.
Fuck all of that.

Call your senators and congressmen,
And make no bones about it.
Tell them you’re mad as hell about coal pollution,
And that they also better give a shit.

Because if it costs $76 billion in health care
To treat effects of environmental pollution,
Don’t you think it’s high time
To come up with a fucking solution?

It’s the birthright of our children to breathe clean air,
Not the leftover poisons from the coal we burn.
Our kids will grow up full of toxins and disease,
All because we’re too stupid to fucking learn.

If my language offends you, it’s for good cause,
But don’t worry, I’m almost through.
Remember, our children and grandchildren
Are fucking counting on you.

So do it now: Take Action: Support Tough New Mercury and Air Toxics Standards

[Here’s a thought: What if all shareholders, executives, and board members of coal burning plants were required to live within view of the plant, so they can prove to us that everything that comes out of it is fine and dandy for the rest of us to breathe?]
Image: [sic] at Flickr

Derek Markham

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4 thoughts on “Wake the F**k Up: Support Tough Air Toxics Standards

  • The first thing that came to my mind when I read this was “Bravo”, well said, I couldn’t agree more, strong language and all. This is a topic that needs a lot more “strong” language.

  • Way to rock it Derek. Love it! Shared on Tumblr.

  • If only this would be as viral as the Go the F**k to Sleep book.


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