Reverse Trick or Treating: Help End Exploitation of Children in Cocoa Industry

Reverse Trick or TreatingThis Halloween, you can help the children forced to labor on West African cocoa farms by participating in the 5th annual “Reverse Trick-or-Treating” campaign.

Despite years of promises from the major chocolate manufacturers, too little has been done to tackle the documented problem of forced child labor on many farms that supply their cocoa. Moreover, at the bottom of the chain, cocoa farmers have been left in poverty year after year.

By handing out informational cards along with organic, Fair Trade chocolates from Equal Exchange when you go trick-or-treating, you can help to bring attention to the thousands of children who have been trafficked and forced to work in the exploitative conditions of West African cocoa farms.

“The inspiration for Reverse Trick-or-Treating rests on the belief that the simple act of one person saying to another “There’s a problem. There’s a solution. Let’s do something” can be very powerful. And if a child says this to an adult – it’s doubly powerful. Further, we believe that such acts will demonstrate to the large corporations, and to public officials, that people are paying attention, people care, and they want action” – Equal Exchange

Help end the practice of big business profiting from child labor. Please visit Reverse Trick or Treating and consider taking part in this campaign. (For organizations who wish to participate, go here: Reverse Trick or Treat)


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