Why it works to be happy at work

We’ve all heard it at some point in our life – a positive mind is key. But is being happy the way to success in your work life? Can we really be more productive if we simply prioritize our happiness?

Let’s find out…

Workers who consider themselves happy

Happy workers have a 12% increase in productivity compared to their unhappy co-workers. Plus, those who are happy at work not only are more productive but also take 10x less sick days then unhappy workers.

Workers who aren’t happy at work

An overwhelming number of workers are unhappy – a quarter of us in fact! This is less surprising when you learn that as little as 32% of us feel engaged while working, and as high as 70% of us view our roles as a ‘job’ rather than a ‘career’.

What can bosses do to increase workers happiness?

One way to combat unhappy workers is to invest in a decent hr system that organizes and manages your human resources. This can greatly help workers feel more organised and take away stress from an unorganized boss.

Having an organized, helpful boss is incredibly important to workers. Astonishingly, the top cause of unhappiness at work is bad bosses. It’s safe to say all bosses and anyone who is in charge of workers need to up their management game.

What can unhappy workers do to become happier at work?

Unless your unhappiness is purely down to a bad job role – in which case, a switch in jobs would be best – there are a number of ways you can combat unhappiness.

First of all, when heading into work try thinking of the positive things that are going to happen during the day. Keeping a positive mind-set impressively improves our motivation a great deal.

Additionally, allow yourself to break from the task you’re doing. Short and frequent breaks increase productivity when compared to longer, less frequent breaks.

Lastly, do something you enjoy before you get into work! Go to the gym or have stroll through the park nearby to get your mind in a better place. Share this with your co-workers and bosses, hopefully it will help them change for the better.

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