Time Well-Spent: Great Flexible Jobs For the Working Family Man

You’ve seen it all the time in old movies and old television shows, where the man comes home from work and announces to the entire family that he’s home, as soon as he walks through the door… “Honey, I’m home!” What was the point of that? Well, it was showcasing that the man was the head of the household and had to leave home to go to work while his wife stayed at home and tended to the house and kids. Well, in today’s world, the roles, locations, and job types for parents are starting to shift, especially for dads.

As a dad, whether you’re a seasoned vet or on the verge of becoming a new dad, flexibility is one of the biggest factors that men look at in jobs now. Men are taking their roles as fathers very seriously now. The theory of a man having to leave home to “bring home the bacon” is not necessarily a thing of the past but it is certainly not a requirement that defines your manhood or how great of a father you are… everyone’s family dynamics are different.

Flexibility is something that working mothers have been prioritizing for many, many years… look at maternity leave, for example. Maternity leave is something that’s always been available for working mothers. It gives them paid time off from their jobs to have their baby and heal, and spend quality time with their baby and family without worrying about work. Well, as this paid time off to bond with the new baby is important for working mothers, it’s just as important for working fathers too.

Paternity leave is something that was once unheard of for men but now, paternity leave is one of the big factors that dads look at when searching for new jobs. Contrary to your belief, dads want to be involved in their children’s lives and the only way they’re able to do it and still work, is to find jobs that allow flexibility. As a dad, you have the power to maximize your family time and get work done too. Take a look at some of the best flexible jobs for working dads.


Technology is a field where you have so many options available to you. Whether you want to look into software design engineering or information systems, you will have the flexibility to either go into the office or have the pleasure of working from home, depending on the company you work for.

Remote Work

Remote work is definitely one of the best job options for working dads. In fact, according to All Business, more and more businesses are hiring remote workers because there is an increase in productivity among those remote workers. If you work with computers, regardless of the industry you’re in, you should look into remote work options with the company you work for. If there are some available, jump on them! It could change your life for the better! You’ll not only not have to worry about commuting but you will also get to spend more time at home with your family.


Finance is a sector that can be mentally draining but it is an industry that does allow flexibility in your schedule. Most financial institutions’ hours of operation are Monday through Friday and some weekends, depending on your position in the financial institution, and closed on major holidays. In finance, there are also opportunities for online work as well, You can be a live chat agent to banking customers.

The bottom line is, as a dad, yes, you want to do everything you can to provide for your family but you also want to make sure you’re getting quality time in with them as well. Maybe you have some side projects you’re working on that’s taking up some of your free time with your family… why not hire out for that? If you need to hire a web designer for your online business, do it! Especially if it means it will pull you away from the computer and allow you to go see your son’s first baseball game…

You can always find a new job but time lost is something you can never get back.

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