How to Improve Your Work-Life Balance In 2021

Regardless of whether you’re settling into the New Year by the ocean in your beach cruiser or relaxing at home, the short downtime many workers experience during the holiday season may have gotten you thinking about whether you need to rethink your work-life balance. When you’re working all the time and have too little time at the end of the day for your personal life, it can be easy to let feelings of stress spiral and even become overwhelming. Whatever it is that you want to make time for in 2021, whether it’s riding your comfort bicycle around the neighborhood, learning to cook or simply spending more time with family, you can make strides towards accomplishing it with these tips.

Consider Squeezing In Outdoor Time or Exercise Before Work

Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself a typical morning person, there are some serious benefits in taking your electric beach cruiser out for a spin before going in to the office for the day. Even though it might feel tough to get up a little bit earlier, studies have demonstrated that the morning may be the easiest time to squeeze in exercise. After all, as the day goes on, the tasks pile up and you may be too tired by the end of the day to go anywhere but home! Consider getting some fresh air, if the weather’s pleasant, by taking a walk, or fitting in another type of exercise you enjoy, like jogging, yoga or riding your bike. This method not only allows you to get to work on time while still making time for your physical health, but could even help you stay more alert and on-task at work!

Bring a Touch of Home Into Your Personal Office Space

Even if your job requires you to be at the office for long periods of time, you can certainly bring little touches of home to the office. By creating a comfier work environment, you can reduce your stress and potentially even incorporate some of your hobbies when you’re on break. Ideas to spruce up your personal space at the office could be:

  • Decorating with family photos
  • Bringing along a project, like your knitting, to do while on lunch break
  • Adding plants and touches of color

Reconsider What Your Priorities Are and Schedule Around Them

All too often, you may find yourself scheduling your life around the work tasks that you have to get done. While it’s important to complete your work, you may want to consider whether rearranging the order of tasks could help you feel less stressed out. To do this, simply consider your priorities – what has to get done today, and what can be finished tomorrow so you can get home at a good time to have dinner with your family – and plan accordingly.

Striking the ideal balance between doing a great job at work and managing to spend enough time with your family, or enjoy personal hobbies, is a challenge for just about every worker. If you’ve made it one of your New Year’s resolutions to change your work-life balance for the better in 2021, though, you can make confident strides towards doing so with this advice.

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