7 Tips on How to Succeed in Your First Job After College

We all know that at one time or another we have had to go out there searching for that first time job. It’s no wonder that many people don’t really understand what it takes to succeed in finding that job that you need so badly.

Therefore, the following 7 tips will be of invaluable help before you decide to put your foot in that company:

1. Learn As much as You Can

You may think that people will expect you to be very speedy from the time you step into that office but this is not the case. Everyone in the office started out just like you and they will be the first to understand what you are going through. For example, when you attend a meeting, make sure you take notes and finally ask questions about things you did not comprehend at the beginning.

2. Have A Good Attitude

The greatest things that will win you favor with your colleagues is a proper attitude. It means that you should strive to put yourself in the challenge even if you are not so sure of what you should do, and give yourself out to help others whenever you have the time. Furthermore, when you get stuck in your work, don’t just sit there, but you should be proactive and show your initiative.

3. Be a Team Player

Even if you may not have a lot of experience like everyone else, you are part of the team and you should make an effort to slowly integrate. Of course, it can be much easier if your workmates are welcoming. The goal should be to build both personal and professional relationships. It’s a nice idea to be sensitive of the culture of the office and the kind of different personalities in the team. This doesn’t imply that you have to bury yourself in the corner or fail to let your personality shine out in the office.

4. Pay Your Dues

Whatever imaginations you may have when moving into your new job, be sure that it’s not going to be a ride on the horses, it shall be expected of you to work hard just as everyone else did when they started working. The main thing is that you have to use this opportunity to show everyone that you have what it takes to do the job. For instance, you should not whine each time you are handed a menial task, but you should just get on with it. You should not cut corners and finally submit some substandard work due to lack of diligence and unprofessional.

5. Seek A Mentor

Bearing in mind that the modern workplace provides numerous viewpoints from a wide scope of backgrounds, it is important to have that reliable and trusted person in your surrounding to whom you can turn your head for advice or guidance. Most big companies recognize the fact and give entry-level employees a mentor, although this is not the best approach because it may be that your mentor was just forced into it as opposed to volunteering willingly. You should find someone whom you trust and like and who is willing to develop you.

6. Keep An Eye On The Future

If you are only a few months old in your new job and waiting for it to be fun, it comes a time when you might have to consider if you are really where you wanted to be. You should speak to old classmates working with other companies and get a clue of what else is available. Finally, find out what training and career progression opportunities are offered by your company and compare that with your current employer’s competitors. Do a projection of what you want to achieve in the long-term and find out if you can achieve it from your current job.

7. Presentation

The way you present yourself by the way you dress or your general appearance speaks more about you than how much you can explain it to someone else. The way you dress is a major factor that greatly determines how others perceive you. Putting on a shirt and a tie is an indication that you are actually more committed and taking things more seriously. It is not always true, but anyhow, this is how the world looks at things. In fact, it is a good thing to be a sharp dresser than to appear under-dressed.

For maintaining and improving your GPAs, consider the following things because tomorrow you will hit the street in search of your first job:

Set Goals

If you want to move somewhere, create a plan to get there. Use the gpacalculator.io to get your current GPA, then put across a goal of raising the number, and come up with what grades you need to earn.

Study Smart

Figure out what learning style favors you, then go ahead and implement it. Remember that smart studying involves getting enough sleep. A particular research revealed that students who have a regular sleeping schedule achieved higher GPAs as compared to students who slept at irregular times but had same amount of sleep.

Therefore, it’s much advisable that you actually take your time to reflect on your real self and make appropriate adjustments where necessary to avoid future embarrassment in that first time job you are actually crossing fingers to get. Always remember the adage that “You are what you are.” That’s it!

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