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6 Tips to Set You Apart From Your Workplace Peers

With over 160 million individuals in the workforce, it is important to know that you are in for some competition. Competition for the job position, salary increase, promotion, and boss’ attention is real. If you want to be successful in your chosen field, whether it’s in the medical, media, engineering, construction, tourism, or government work, you need to get ahead of your peers.

Between meeting deadlines, staying up late, passing reports on time and being nice and accommodating to your peers, getting and being on top demands more effort. Here are some tips to get ahead of your colleagues.

Always Be Curious

You may not be the brightest nor the most skillful in the bunch, but the ability and willingness to learn new things is as attractive and as beneficial as the former. Work demands are ever changing and being keen on learning and adapting to new things is something that employers would like to see to their people.

Be a Master or Jack Of All Trades

Whether you prefer to be very proficient in a particular skill or you decide to be good in many tasks, you need to be able to bring something to the table. If you decide to be an expert in a particular job task, you need to make sure that it is a very important duty. Why master something that can be easily done by anyone. If you’d like to be in demand, have a license or degree will drastically change your job hunt. Lawyers and medical professionals have strong job security.

If you want to be in a management role, being a jack of all trades would probably be a good idea as they are in charge of many different duties.

Learn to Speak Up

There is a difference between being outspoken and speaking up. Outspoken people tend to say what is on their mind without thinking if it’s the right time and place. People who speak up are those who make their opinions heard when the occasion calls for it. They contribute positively to a discussion, meeting or conversation.

Sharing your opinion or insight about a particularly important topic can make you outshine other people and be noticed by the higher-ups. Speaking up also means being open about your interest in certain roles and responsibilities.

Power Dress

According to psychologist, the way people dress up can influence the way they behave and elevate their confidence, personality and attitude on a positive note. This might just psyche up people, but power dressing can make a difference in how people in your workplace perceive you. For example, doctors wear a white coat to show people they are clean, capable, trustworthy and knowledgeable.

When you dress for success, people will see you as someone you want to be whether it is being trustworthy, reliable and competent. That is even without lifting a finger, perception can be a powerful tool to make your dreams come true. Just make sure you accompany it with hard work.

Share Your Best Practices

When you have a good way to do work more efficiently and effectively, you might want to share it with your workmates. Sharing best practices is a useful attitude especially when you belong to a company with divisions working on the same type of work. It can generally improve the productivity of the team and give you a nod from the bosses.

It’s OK to Make Mistakes

Don’t do it deliberately, but don’t be afraid to commit one. Mistakes are present in our lives in order for people to learn. It is easy to be hard on yourself and just feel like a failure when you commit a mistake at work, but what you should rather do is see it as an opportunity to grow and bounce back to your rhythm.

Being able to overcome a mistake is a leadership trait that bosses would like to see. Staying calm under pressure and when the times get tough is an admirable and worthy trait.

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