Should You Move to Kansas?

Kansas known as the Sunflower State, is an idyllic place to live. If you are considering a move to Kansas, one of the best ways to ensure that your relocation goes off without a hitch is to work with a realtor who is an expert in the region and who will help you find the perfect location in Kansas to match your lifestyle goals. Working with a realtor is the easiest way to learn more about properties in Kansas. We listed a few things you should know about moving to Kansas.

1. Senior Living at It’s Finest

Kansas may not be on your radar as a great place to retire, but it is. Kansas offers a low cost of living, plenty of healthcare options, and living situations that will fit your needs. For example, Kansas has some great assisted living communities for the 55 and older crowd.

In Kansas, if you or your loved one needs a full-time nursing home you should know that in Kansas criminal charges are not filed in the case of nursing home abuse allegations according to the Attorney General’s Office, but you can open a civil lawsuit. While this approach might not result in criminal charges, it allows victims to seek justice and monetary reparation for their suffering.

2. Housing Design and Styles

Kansas offers a wide variety of home designs and styles. There is something for everyone. If your dream home includes wooden shutters, you are very likely to find that feature in many homes in Kansas. According to Home Depot, shutters are a sought-after feature, they are available in vinyl, wood, and composite materials. Whatever your style is you can find a house in Kansas with the help of a realtor that will deliver the design and style you want.

If you are looking for a home in an urban area or a rural area, Kansas has something to offer. Whether farmhouse chic is your style or modern minimalist, you can find what you are looking for in Kansas. There are no specific home styles of designs in Kansas, there is a little bit of everything.

3. Protection of Interests

Like every other state in the United States, Kansas is not without pest problems. Termite infestations are rare in Kansas but if termites are suspected or any other pest infestation is suspected, your realtor will ensure it is eradicated. Buying for sale by an owner doesn’t come with the type of coverage and protection a realtor can offer.

Termites and other pests that are undetected can cause a great deal of property damage. There is little recourse if a seller in a for-sale-by-owner scenario does not disclose a termite problem or other pest problem. Termites, according to One Desk, cause about $5 billion a year in property damage in the United States. Get a realtor to protect your interests and property.

4. Employment in Kansas

There are ample opportunities for employment in Kansas. Kansas is home to several companies that support the aerospace industry. Kansas is also a significant player in the energy industry. The state has a growing renewable energy industry, particularly wind energy. Kansas has vast wind farms, making it one of the leading states in wind power production. The state has oil and natural gas production.

Agriculture, health care, life sciences, manufacturing, transportation, and more are all thriving industries in Kansas. The thriving industries in Kansas help to keep the unemployment rate low. If you are looking for a job in Kansas, you won’t have trouble finding one.

Working with a realtor to move to Kansas is the easiest transition method. Learn more about the ins and outs of relocating to Kansas from an expert in relocation. Call today to learn more.