9 Travel Tips For People Who Visit Marrakech

If you want to visit Marrakech, Morocco, there are many different things that will go through your mind. You want to plan everything perfect and you do want to be sure that you know as much as possible about the trip. In order not to be disappointed by the vacation, make sure that you choose perfect Marrakech villas & vacation rentals and that you remember the tips that are mentioned below.

Do Not Drink Tap Water In Marrakech

Drinking tap water is not a good idea in Marrakech. This is because there is bacteria present and you are most likely not used to it. Due to this, there is a really high risk that you will get sick and poor reactions will appear. Some tourists do not even brush their teeth with the use of tap water. Bottled water is usually utilized for close to everything except a shower.

The good news is that water is not at all expensive in Marrakech. You just need to pay around 50 cents for it. Just be sure that you have exact change on you. In many cases owners are not going to take foreign currency or large bills if items sold are small priced.

Do Not Take Photographs Without Asking

In Marrakech it is considered rude to take photographs of a person without asking. This is true in many parts of the world but it is more prevalent there. When you want to take a photograph you may want to pay at least $1 for it. This usually makes people much happier and they will not have a problem to be in your photos. You can capture photographs and there are wonderful opportunities for that but you need to be aware of those around you. If a local would be in the photo, it is definitely better to ask.

Do Not Let Strangers Randomly Help You While On The Street

There is a really good possibility that you are going to be lost at least once in Marrakech. When this happens, there will be someone that will try to help you out. This is not something that you should do since when you accept help, people actually expect you to offer some sort of payment.

Although the situation in which strangers ask for money to help you might be rare and depends on the neighborhood, it is definitely better to be safe. If you need help and you need it desperately, the best thing you can do is walk into the closest restaurant and simply ask the person behind the counter. This gives you quick directions.

Always Dress Appropriately

Marrakech is mostly Muslim. This means there are strict guidelines about the way in which women and men dress. Even if the tourist economy is rich and most people are used to the foreigners, it is still important to be respectful. If you do not want unwanted attention, do not wear swim tops and mini skirts.

Change Cash At Exchanges And The Airport

When you are at the airport, there will be some people that will tell you that you just need Euros or dollars but this is completely incorrect. If you do not have Moroccan Dirhams, you will not be able to pay taxi drivers, tip people, and buy snacks.

It is possible to get by with just pounds, USD, and Euros but there are limitations. ATMs can be found all around the city but in many areas where tourists go you might not easily find them. It is always better to exchange the currency for Dirhams. You end up paying for many things with ease and the very best exchange rates are in the airport. If you want to negotiate some deals in the souks, everything is better with Dirhams.

Enjoy A Marrakech Day Trip

Marrakech is busy and you want to have a day in which you get rid of the hustle. A day tour is always special and there are countless options that are available. Do your research so that you can book everything in advance. This allows you to get the very best possible prices. Try a trip to the lovely Agafay Desert or any other camel ride. You can even enjoy a day trip that will allow you to eat lunch with a local family in the stunning Atlas Mountains.

Get Ready To Be Harassed

Souks are simply beautiful and you have many interesting things that you can see but there is always a possibility that you will be hassled. People try to sell things but few actually expect to be so harassed. During the first day you will easily be able to say no but as time passes, this becomes problematic since you might end up haggled even more. The best thing that you can do is to avoid eye contact and ignore those around you.

Scooters Are Everywhere

Scooters are simply everywhere and you will not feel that comfortable because of this. In so many cases you will end up feeling that all you do is dodge motorcycles and scooters. Many will think that things are too dramatic when they read about scooters in Marrakech but this is definitely something you need to be ready for.

Don’t Forget To Bargain

In Marrakech you should never accept the very first offer that is given. This is true for both the souk and the taxi. It is possible to negotiate. Just do not do it when you are visiting the electronic store or similar establishments since those prices are final. This includes the grocery store. However, in many cases you can end up with a discount of up to half.

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