8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Malaysia as Your Next Family Vacation Destination

Traveling abroad is an exciting experience, especially if you have your family there to experience it with you. When you are traveling long distances it is important to plan well ahead and do extensive research, especially if you are visiting an unknown destination. Southeast Asia is a great place to take your family to a new cultural experience. Especially if you venture off to the beautiful destination of Malaysia.

It can be the experience of your life if you decide to take a trip to Malaysia for your vacation. From green jungles and virgin nature to big cities and delicious cuisine, this destination will surprise your family with all that it has to offer. Traveling here with your entire family will be ideal, especially considering that there are activities and attractions that will appeal to everyone. Many people are beginning to turn their head toward the cities of Malaysia for their travels because of the attributes this country has. Here are some reasons why you should choose Malaysia for your next family vacation.

1) Kind & Welcoming Locals

You won’t be dissatisfied when you land in Malaysia because of how friendly the locals are. Locals are usually excited to see tourists in their country and are always happy to help when you need it. You also won’t have to worry about language barriers because this country is an English-speaking country due to its British roots.

You won’t have to worry about crime and safety while you are visiting any of the Malaysian cities. The people here are welcoming and kind to visitors, making this destination a great place to go with your family.

2) Wildlife

The wildlife is amazing and stands out against many other Southeast Asian countries. Malaysia is home to the great Danum Valley rainforest in Borneo. Those that enjoy the outdoors and everything nature-based should consider staying at one of the established eco-resorts that allow you to experience the jungle during your entire stay. The Borneo Eco-resort located in the valley of the jungle will give you the best quality experience due to the fact you will staying inside the rainforest.

Wildlife in Malaysia is unique. There are many conservations for special animals and endangered species. When you visit Borneo, you will get to witness many animals in their natural habitat, including:

  • Wild orangutans
  • Gibbons
  • Probosci’s monkeys
  • Borneo elephants
  • Bay cats
  • Tarsiers and more

3) Hiking Trails

If your family enjoys doing outdoor activities, Malaysia is a great destination for many trekking opportunities. There are different places you can take your family to observe your surroundings and go on a hike. You can trek up and around Mount Kinabalu or Penang Hill. You can explore the jungles of Taman Negara or relax on one of Malaysia’s pristine beaches. You can experience beautiful nature in Malaysia as it has some of the most unique wildlife and some of the tallest trees in the world.

4) Diverse Culture

You can easily submerge yourself into the culture of Malaysia because it is so diverse. You will experience people of all races, religions, and cultures while you are in this country. This is also a reason why those who have visited before want to return. You will be shown clearly the different types of cultures as soon as you arrive as well. Malaysia is a melting pot of Indian, Chinese and Malaysian cultures that influence everything from cuisine to clothing. You will see mosques next to temples and so on because everyone is so friendly and accepting.

5) Affordable

Surprisingly, Malaysia is very affordable to bring your whole family on a vacation. You get much value for your money when you spend time here. Everything is fairly cheap to purchase, from food to resorts and hostels. You get more reasonable prices and quality transportation and accommodation. You can most definitely travel to Malaysia on a specific budget, especially if you do your research and use smart choices when it comes to the best-valued accommodation.

6) Buzzing Cities

If you don’t necessarily want to be in nature or explore the rainforest, you can visit some of Malaysia’s booming cities for a more developed and exciting experience. If you enjoy big cities, going to the country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, is your best bet. With food courts and street markets, you can get the most authentic Malaysian food.

Visit the twin towers in Kuala Lumpur to experience one of the tallest pairs of skyscrapers in the world. This is a large attraction to Malaysia as well. Even visit Penang for a surprising historical experience.

7) Stunning Beaches

Indulge in the beauties of the beaches in Malaysia. From crystal clear waters to white sand beaches, there are places to spend time relaxing in Malaysia if you enjoy beaches. Langkawi is home to some of this country’s most romantic beaches. If you want to go diving, Malaysia is one of the best destinations to do so. Many scuba divers know about the waters of Malaysia because of how wonderful the diving experience is. Take time to do other water activities with your families like kayaking or snorkeling.

8) Various Cuisines

Malaysian cuisine is something quite unique. Because you have influences coming from many different locations, the food stands out as being like no other. With Chinese, Malaysia and Indian influences create various types of dishes. You can get good authentic Malaysian food in all cities, but the food of Penang is known to have the best food to offer.

Photo by Meimei Ismail

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