5 Major Suggestions for Traveling With Your Entire Family

Some people cringe at the simple thought of getting their whole family to go on a road trip. Though road trips can get stressful and frustrating, they are one of the best ways to grow the bond with your family. To get through it successfully you have to think about what’s best for your family when it comes to transportation and activities, and also how you can make things simpler. When you have a large family or you want to vacation with your entire family together, it takes a lot of work, especially when its only one person planning it.

Road trips allow spontaneity and the adventures you will have together will stick with you and your family forever. Though it can get expensive and disordered, your family will appreciate the rollercoaster of events that will happen during your trip. It’s important to consider certain factors to make sure you have a successful and fun trip.

1. Start planning as soon as possible.

The planning part may seem like the easiest part of traveling long distance with your family, but it can be the exact opposite. Planning any trip, in general, can be complicated and stressful. You have a lot to think about and consider. So when factoring in all of the details regarding money, dates, transportation, and activities, you may become flustered. Try to give yourself an extensive amount of time to plan ahead. When it comes to traveling with large amounts of people you have a lot of people to think about and a lot of opinions. Make sure to ask your family what they think about the trip and how they can contribute.

Try not to take on everything at once, either. Plan one portion of the trip at a time to keep your sanity and to help things go smoothly when the day comes. Try to reduce any stress that you may have by keeping things simple and asking for help. Be as organized as possible as you plan your family trip and make sure to break everything down on paper to help you along the process.

2. Determine how you’re getting to your destination

One of the very first things you must do before anything is your transportation. How will you get to your destination safely? Think of the smartest and budget-friendly way to get your entire family across miles without having to deal with complications. Consider if everyone can afford to chip in before deciding what kind of transportation you want to use. Do you want to purchase bus tickets for your travels or rent a mini charter bus to ensure comfortability? Or do you want to save money and take family vehicles? It all depends on how close and comfortable you want your family to be.

Road trips usually last a long time and many people get restless being trapped in a vehicle for longs periods of time so its important to think about how many people you have in your family and how you all will collectively get there. There will always be a debate on who will drive and etc, and to avoid any big fights and disagreements make sure to think about these things first.

3. Know where you’re staying

Making sure your family is close and comfortable also has to do with where you all will be staying. Factor in costs and determine if it will be smart to get hotel rooms or to rent an entire home through Airbnb. If you have family that stays close to your destination, save some money by choosing to spend your stay with them. You have to constantly think about the number of people on your trip as well when considering the latter. You don’t want your entire family of 15 or so to stay with a family in a small house just because they live nearby.

Renting a home will be extensively less expensive than renting multiple rooms. But you also have to make sure that you and your family are on the same page throughout this process as well.

4. Find out how you will stay entertained while on the road.

The hardest part for every member of the family while on a road trip is staying entertained. It is very easy to become restless when traveling a long distance, so make sure you include snacks and games for everyone to play. Some families don’t necessarily need games and are actually entertaining themselves but others may need a little boost to get everyone involved. This is the most exciting and fun part for families and they often make the trip more exciting.

Strengthening family bonds is usually the result of family road trips. Many families learn a lot about each other during the hours they spend on the road and often become closer because of it. Games like iSpy and punch bug are some of the popular games that get your family laughing and engaged.

Other family games to do on your road trip:

  • The license plate game
  • 20 questions
  • The alphabet game
  • Restaurant race
  • Storytelling

When thinking about snacks remember to consider if any member of your family has allergies or preferences. You can also make everyone bring their own snacks, especially if there are so many of you, to ensure everyone is satisfied on the trip.

5. Keep everyone involved.

From the very first step to the end, you must keep everyone involved and consider everyone’s thoughts and concerns. Try not to control every single thing as it will contribute to the overall stress of planning the trip and have certain members of the family organize different portions of the trip. Make sure to ask everyone what kinds of activities they want to do to determine what kind of vacation you will have. Everyone’s opinion matters, negative or positive, and it’s crucial to listen to them all to ensure a successful trip for everyone.

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