4 Reasons to Move to Virginia in 2024

Thinking about where you should move in 2024? If you live in the United States, you should consider packing your bags and heading to Virginia. While this state may not be at the top of your list at first, it has a lot to offer folks who are moving there from out-of-state or returning home after going to college and doing other coming-of-age activities.

When you’ve never lived in VA, you may have some misconceptions or preconceived notions about what it is like. Those who come from more urban areas may think of all of Virginia as the country. While this state does have its fair share of farmlands and rural places, it also has cities that have all of the amenities you would expect in bustling urban areas. Before you judge Virginia by the things you’ve heard about it, you should visit it yourself or consult our list of reasons to move there.

1. Safety Is a Priority

When you’re looking to move somewhere new, you’re probably thinking about whether you’ll feel safe there. After all, if you don’t feel safe somewhere, it can be hard to stay there in the long run. Thankfully, Virginia as a state prioritizes safety as much as one could expect.

Although VA is a relatively safe place to live, that doesn’t mean that nothing bad or dangerous ever happens there. Like many other places across the globe, this state has reported motorcycle crashes and deaths associated with those incidents. According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, this state had almost 1,800 crashes with motorcycles in the year 2018. Those crashes caused 88 deaths and injuries in 1,500 people including motorcycle riders and those riding motorcycles as passengers. Although this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ride a motorcycle in this state or feel safe there, it’s good to be aware and do your best to prevent accidents when you ride your bike.

2. Gorgeous Flora and Fauna

For those who love nature, Virginia has plenty of beautiful flowers and other plants for you to admire. While they’re not indigenous to the area, you may see tropical flowers like bird-of-paradise flowers. According to Britannica, these flowers sprout from stems that are buried deep underground called rhizomes and reach heights that range between three to five feet. You’ll also see local animals like deer, skunks, and even certain types of bears.

3. Progress in Environmental Issues

According to some studies, 89 out of 100 Americans claim to support an increase in solar farms. To keep up with the demands, this state may be in the process of making solar farms more accessible to their residents. If solar energy matters to you, you should speak with your realtor about either finding a house that already has solar panels in this state before you move or building solar panels on the house to convert the energy system to solar.

4. Opportunities Abound

From places to work to schools to internship opportunities, you’ll find all kinds of ways to further your career and become the person you’ve always wanted to be in VA. Although some parts of this state may be more rural than others, they’re still beautiful places to live that can offer a slower pace of life. If you want a specific type of job or education, you should plan to move to the city in the state that has the most chances for you to go after what you want in your academic or professional career.

Although there are many reasons why someone would consider moving to VA in 2024, the best reason to move there is because you want to do it. If your heart is telling you that this state is where you belong, go for it! You’ll never know what it’s like to live in a new state unless you give it a fair shot.