Teaching Your Teen to Be a Safe Driver

Car safety is an important skill to learn and practice every time you get behind the wheel to go somewhere. This is why it’s your duty as a parent to teach your teen to be a safe driver and make sure that they can handle various situations that they find themselves in. This way, you can have peace of mind whenever they drive somewhere because you’ll be sure that they’re doing all they can to drive safely. Here are some of the things that you can teach your teen in terms of car safety to make them a safe driver both now and in the future.

Drive at the Set Speed Limit

The first thing that you should tell your teen about safe driving is that speed limits exist for a reason, and they should always obey them. This can help them react properly to issues that may come up and stay safe. For instance, in an area that’s known to have wildlife, speed limits can help people avoid hitting animals that suddenly appear on the road.

Failure to adhere to the speed limit opens a whole set of negative possibilities. First, it’s harder to regain control of your vehicle when you drive too fast and something throws you off balance. Secondly, getting caught speeding can earn you a ticket that can cost you money and your reputation as a driver. This is something that the 9.18% of drivers who had a speeding ticket on record in 2022 will know all too well.

Never Drive While Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

Next, let your teen know that if they have any plans to drink, no matter how little, they should also make plans to get themselves back home. Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can lead to accidents and serious charges. Note that any situation in which a person drives with a blood alcohol content above the legal limit of .08 is considered drunk driving. This is one of the driving offenses that is looked down upon by society because it involves a person making decisions that they know could have a terrible impact on themselves and others on the road. That said, let them know that they have options for getting home safely after a night of drinking.

Maintain Your Vehicle Properly

A well-maintained vehicle will be in good shape and can therefore respond properly to the commands and control of the person driving it. This is why you should tell your teen to keep their car in good shape at all times in order to be a safe driver. Regular checkups, some of which they can do themselves before heading out, can make the difference between a safe ride and one that ends up with a call to emergency services.

If anything is out of place, it should be fixed as soon as possible. That said, have your teen save roadside assistance contacts in case of trouble, letting them know that every year in Chicago, about 100 thousand vehicles are towed. There are obviously different reasons for this, but the main point is that it’s good to be prepared for anything.

Avoid Distractions at All Costs

Finally, tell your teen to avoid all manner of distractions while they drive. These include their phone, food, and even other passengers. All these things can take their attention off the road, something that can have dire consequences even if it’s for a split second. As such, they need to prepare adequately before setting off to make sure that they can give the road their undivided attention.

These are some of the details that you should talk to your teen about to teach them how to be a safe driver. Remember to set a good example yourself by following the rules and staying calm while you drive. This can have a profound effect on the way your teen ends up driving when they’re alone. We wish you the best of luck in helping your teen become a good driver!