The Cult of Unschooling

We homeschool our kids, but we actually prefer to call it unschooling. "Unschoolers believe that the natural curiosity of a healthy child, given access to a rich environment, will lead the child to learn what he or she needs to know. When learning comes about as a result of the child's desires, … Continue reading

Raising Readers

[This is a guest post from Alison Kerr.] Reading. It's the thing that almost everyone recognizes as critical for educational success, but it's also part mystery. When it comes to raising a kid who is a good reader, or raising reading scores in a school system, we're left wondering whether anyone … Continue reading

Teach What You Know


Homeschool is always in. When we first started homeschooling our oldest daughter, we thought that we needed to have a full curriculum and study guides and other 'teaching' materials before we could really teach her at home. We borrowed a homeschool curriculum from a friend and started … Continue reading