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Do What You Love, Not Just What Makes You Money

All of us need to have something in our life that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with making a living, or making our family happy, or meeting someone else’s needs.

When we don’t fill ourselves up by pursuing our passions, we get emptied out and have nothing to give to others. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this recently, and wanted to share this message with others, both fathers and mothers.

How do you keep your passions alive? What do you do, outside of work and family, that makes you happy?

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Derek Markham

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3 thoughts on “Do What You Love, Not Just What Makes You Money

  • And playing it will be a beautiful thing for your family to hear. It helps the little brains and brings them wonderful memories, along with confidence they’d otherwise not have.
    .-= Isle Dance´s last blog ..Island Transportation =-.

  • Great message! This is something we struggle with constantly. My husband is a stay-at-home dad, and I know he finds it hard to find time for things he needs to do just for himself. (And I’m afraid I probably push him too hard on the household things.) I used to have a job that gave me personal fulfillment and that I was passionate about, but my current job is just for money. That change was harder than I expected, and it doesn’t feel good. We both need to find ways to take more time for the things that make us feel whole.
    .-= victory´s last blog ..Thankful for family and beautiful cows today =-.

  • You are very right, it is so easy to neglect oneself – I think especially when you make a living working at home because you have to juggle having fun with the kids and running a home and spending quality time with your spouse – plus finding time to work. As I write this it is 2 in the afternoon and I have yet to eat lunch. (my stomach coincidentally is reminding me now with a fierce growl). So thanks for the reminder – I am turning off the computer now…
    .-= Natural Health Goodies´s last blog ..Does the Seasonal Flu Vaccine Increase the Risk of H1N1? =-.


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