How to plan the perfect proposal

410071115_93b7780780_oYour proposal should be a special moment the two of you can look back on and remember fondly in years to come. It needs to be personal, taking place somewhere that means something to the both of you and you should offer an engagement ring that you know they’ll instantly love, probably featuring diamonds similar to those 77 sells.

Here is how to plan the absolute perfect proposal for your loved one:

Choose the right location

Is your partner a private person? Then an over-the-top proposal in the middle of a crowded restaurant or sporting event is not going to go down well. A few months before you intend on getting down on one knee, pay close attention to everything they say. Have they mentioned a favorite place before? Is there a secluded spot you two have spent time together alone in? Choose somewhere that you know they will feel comfortable saying yes in.

Decide if family and friends should be involved in the moment

If their family and friends are important to them, perhaps have them waiting at home or in a restaurant after you’ve popped the question to celebrate the good news together. You can share that intimate moment together and then have everyone you love with you afterwards to join in the celebrations.

Don’t be too cliché

Sure, a proposal at the top of the Eiffel Tower is nice and Christmas Day is definitely a good time to get down on one knee but these proposals have all been done before. They might also instantly guess what’s going to happen as soon as you suggest a trip to Paris or when everyone comes round on Christmas Day – and it all starts to look a bit obvious.

Make it a surprise

Do your absolute best to plan your proposal in secret – you don’t want your partner to guess what you’re up to. Don’t tell too many people, especially if you think they might accidentally blurt out what you’re intending, and try to find out their ring size on the sly. A good way to discover their ring size is to use jewellery they already own. If they have a ring they take off regularly, take the opportunity to press it onto a piece of sticky tac or trace the inside of the ring on a piece of paper while they’re in the shower or out of the room to get the size you need. You can also find the perfect engagement ring at Berganza, as they have some of the best jewelry on the market.

You don’t have to go over the top

Some people think they need to put together a show when it comes to proposing, but this isn’t necessary at all – unless you’ve got the spare cash, time and you know they’ll really like it. There are plenty of ways of making your proposal special without having to make it a viral video on YouTube. You can definitely plan for something special to happen (think fireworks or getting your dog involved) but there’s no need to hire a jazz band if you and your partner aren’t really into that sort of thing.

When it comes to planning a proposal, ensure it’s personal to you, features elements of things they love, and that you make it a true surprise – that’s what makes a proposal perfect.

Image: Jeffrey Santos Arrogante

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