Love Always, the Family

family-graphicFamily is life’s heartbeat, the world’s pulse. It’s a source of fulfillment, compassion and joy. It’s the place where you learn how to:

  • give love
  • receive love
  • coexist peacefully
  • be a productive participant

Strong families make strong societies, according to a New York Times article by William Bennett, a former United States secretary of education.

Few things are more destructive to the harmony and rhythm of families than a nasty, drawn-out divorce. Divorces are trying enough on families without the typical doses of ugliness they sometimes subject children to.

How do you maintain a sense of peace, love and consistency for your children’s sake when divorce is unavoidable? Answer: Divorce mediation. It’s one way to have a sound, peaceful, gentle, economic divorce.

Our Divorce Becomes Final Today

Tammy Wynette released a song about her divorce in the late 60s. A lot’s changed since then, but a lot hasn’t. Parenting is still as difficult, overwhelming, exciting and rewarding as ever. While divorces are even more common today, they don’t have to be messy, chaotic and full of rage. And they don’t have to be expensive.

With divorce mediation, experienced mediators help disputing parties make intelligent, low-cost decisions. The process potentially saves you:

  • money
  • peace of mind
  • your children’s future

It can also be another way to set for your children an example of mature, evolved, thoughtful parenting.

“Fight with your spouse, or be able to send your kids to college,” says David Stein, founder of Liaise Mediated Solutions. Sometimes called Liaise Divorce, the San Francisco-based company provides alternative dispute resolution services for families.

Mr. Stein explains that the astronomical cost of retaining divorce lawyers and of dragging out a divorce is sometimes as traumatic as the divorce itself. Not to mention it can bankrupt your kids’ college funds.

Liaise Divorce provides divorce advice and mediation services for all types of divorces, such as contested, uncontested and no fault. They also work with couples intent upon legal separation.

Things That Children Wish For

Every divorce is different. So is every child. But divorce can generally affect all children in certain ways, according to Psychology Today.

Divorce might make children:

  • distrust their parents’ dependability
  • feel insecure
  • feel unstable
  • feel that their their world is suddenly unfamiliar and scary

By contrast, the benefits of divorce mediation are numerous and intense. The American Psychological Association even recommends divorce mediation as a reliable way to ease the divorce process for families, especially children.

The Families and Work Institute surveyed children and asked them what they wished for about their parents. Most of the surveyed children responded that they wished for their parents to be less stressed. Who knew that Parenting 101 includes obeying some of your kids’ top wishes for you.

What’s more stressful than divorce? But with divorce mediation, it’s possible to have a divorce that is the least stressful as possible. Like deadly weather, divorces happen. But you can stay safe and solvent — and so can your kids — with divorce mediation.

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