How to Retain the Spark in Your Relationship

Relationships are meant to be a source of bliss and mental and emotional peace. They allow you to find solace in a partner and have someone as your companion and soulmate who stands by you through thick and thin. Marital relationships go a notch above in creating bonds that last long and growing beautiful families. In the process, the partners grow together as individuals and become a support for one another.

We all have gone through that one phase that we often refer to as “the honeymoon period.” The first time you proposed your partner or got proposed to the time you walked the aisle to the initial days of your new journey, the memories are cute and joyful. However, everything seems to fade away as time flies, responsibilities bundle up and family gets bigger. There comes a time when you are more worried about making school runs, running errands, keeping the house in order and making enough money to be able to give yourself and your family a decent life. During all that struggle, somewhere your mutual relationships as a couple take a back seat and the spark dies down. This happens to be one of the toughest phases in a relationship and couples who are unable to get a grip on their rocky relationships during this time often end up falling apart.

Entering a relationship is not something difficult but retaining it is the real deal. Interestingly, while many couples whine about losing the charm, they are largely clueless that the old flame can be easily rekindled by doing little things on a regular basis. Here are a few great ideas that will help you reignite the lost spark in your relationship.

Show Affection

Remember the initial days of your relationship when you made little gestures and expression to show affection towards your partners. It was those little things that you did for each other and those little words of assurance and appreciation for each other that helped developing the bond that you have today. Unfortunately, most couples start to ignore the need for expressing love to each other subconsciously. Often, they blame their work pressure and other hectic life routines where they barely get time for themselves. However, you should still make little efforts such as a little conversation before going to bed, smiling and a warm hug when leaving in the morning or greeting each other warmly and appreciating each other on and off. These are little things that do not cost your time or money yet they make a huge difference. These little gestures tell your partner that you are important in their life.

Exchange Gifts

Gifts play a huge role in strengthening relationships. They serve multiple purposes at the same time.  Often the two people are unable to take out time for each other. Under such circumstances, gifts play a vital role in making up for the lack of physical presence. Moreover, many gifts act as a memorable keepsake of a memory that you cherish for life. Depending on the nature of the gift, they also help to express your love for each other and helps to strengthen your emotional connection. Many people believe that gifts are only to be given on important occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. As a matter of fact, you can randomly surprise him with something like a Tag Heuer Monaco when he least expects him. Likewise, you can walk home and surprise her with an exquisite piece from Cartier or Tiffany and she will cherish it more than any birthday or anniversary present.

Date Nights

When the last time was both of you planned a romantic night out? Date nights are not meant for new or young couples. It is as important for an older mature couple who have been together for a significant amount of time. Regular date nights are a solid excuse for you to break the shackles of your pressures and spend some quality time together. Use this time to have a heart to heart conversations and anything else that you would love to do mutually, such as visit a comedy club in London. Your date does not necessarily have to be something very fancy and expensive. Even a long drive with good music could be amazing if you have younger kids, ask someone to babysit them so that you can concentrate on each other without having to worry about other distractions.

Eat Together

Meal times are said to be one of the most important hours that help in developing bonds. Unfortunately, many couples neglect the importance of mealtimes and are often unable to join each other at meals.  Try to have at least one meal together every day. If it is not feasible for you to take out time to join each other for meals at home, try to use your meal breaks at work and meet up somewhere to have a meal for at least coffee together.

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