4 Traits of An Irresistible Woman

Are you worried about meeting Mr. Right? How many times have you looked at other women who just seem to ooze a magnetic attraction that you don’t think you’ll ever have and wondered how they manage it? So many women read endless beauty magazines, develop life destroying eating disorders, or undertake plastic surgery just to try and make themselves more attractive.

So, what are the things that really do make a woman irresistible? There are four key traits that can define the magnetic female attraction, and although they may require a bit of work on your part, it is often more a focus on internal growth rather than any sort of physical changes.

1) Confidence

Believe it or not, someone who is confident and comfortable in their own skin is actually sexier than any physical appearance. The problem is that you do get people who aren’t confident, they are arrogant, and this is not sexy.

Often people feel that confidence is something that is given to them, that they need other people’s approval to feel secure.

However, being self-assured and poised comes from within, which is why people who are older often seem more confident than younger people, because you get to a certain age and stop caring what other people think and start focusing on how you feel. The earlier you can tap into this feeling of confidence the more attractive people will find you. Confident people aren’t self-obsessed, they know their inner worth so don’t seek external validation, more interest in developing real connections and have a genuine curiosity about others. which means they have. Check more here:

2) Calmness

The image of a screaming fishwife is a trope used to denote an unattractive woman, because a woman who remains calm and collected in the face of adversity is instantly more attractive than someone who starts screaming at the sight of a mouse. While men do often enjoy saving a damsel in distress, it is more about feeling like a hero, and having to constantly do the saving gets wearing very fast.

3) Appearance

With art you’ll hear “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like,” and this is also an excellent way to sum up human attraction. There is no one type of physical attribute that will appeal to everyone.

So, why is appearance is considered an important trait? Because it’s not so much the color of your hair, or the size of your breasts or the length of your legs, but your overall presentation. Different social groups will have different rules about what is attractive and what isn’t, so you need to know what group you’re going for, but one of the basics is clean! Yes, clean and tidy no matter whether you’re grunge or glam is actually vital.

4) Appropriate Behavior

This is a really interesting trait, as at first glance it might engender complaints of slut shaming or ‘a woman’s place’, but what it really means is an appropriate ability to code switch. The way you behave when on a night out with the girls is unlikely to be the same as the way you’d behave during a job interview (at least for most jobs). This is what knowing how to act appropriately means, and it is actually quite a skill to learn.

However, having a broad understanding of the world around you and an enjoyment of your life is more likely to lead to you always behaving in an appropriate manner for the situation. Yes, you will make faux-pas, and to be honest, any man who expects you to behave in a certain way, particularly if they are putting you in a situation that you have never encountered before, is probably not someone you really want to be with.

But someone who encourages you to try new experiences and ensures that you know the basic etiquette is a keeper!

Don’t forget that basic table manners come into this category, no one wants to share a table with someone who eats with their mouth open.

What is an example of inappropriate behavior? Getting trashed at his office Christmas party (or any professional event) is a classic no-no. If you’re a naturally flirtatious person then try and avoid hooking up with someone who is jealous and clingy, neither of you will be happy trying to be something you’re not.

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