4 Tips for Dating in the Summer for Single Dads

One of the things you may want to consider doing if you’re a single dad is getting out of the house more. Of course, you will need to schedule a babysitter, but you do need time for yourself. It’s also a great idea to work to find that special person to enhance your life and allow you to get more joy out of it. This is where dating may come in and is one thing you will want to be as prepared for as possible, you may want to check Perfect 12 Introductions where you will find some good information about dating. 

While there’s no guarantee a new try at love will be lead to a sure thing, it’s important to get out there and try. Knowing some tips that may allow you to get out there and start dating while feeling confident in the process is sure to be ideal.

Tip #1: Choose the right clothing

It’s essential to consider what you will wear on your date. You want to make the right first impression, and this means wearing clothes that look neat and are clean and well-coordinated, to say the least.

Of course, when it comes to the heat of summer, you will want to consider performance menswear to keep you cool, calm and collected. These are made with moisture wicking material that is ideal for reducing the possibility of sweat stains when showing up for your date.

When summer is at its hottest, you will need to do all you can to ensure your clothing stays fresh regardless of the time of day and especially when you’re out on a date.

Tip #2: Be well-groomed

If you have a beard, you will want to be sure it’s trimmed and looking its best before your first date or any date for that matter, in fact, try looking for the most popular short beard styles this year so you can change things up a little. This will take a bit of extra effort on your part but could mean the difference between making a right impression or a wrong one.

You will also want to be sure to visit your hair stylist to get a nice haircut. This can help you look fresher and well-groomed, and this is essential to help you feel more self-confident.

Additionally, keeping your beard and hair trimmed during the summer months will be an ideal way to help you combat the heat with more ease. The last thing you will want to do is show up for your date looking sweaty and unkempt.

Tip #3: Having a comfortable environment

If you have a date at your home, you will need to be sure to have the air conditioning going to keep the home cool, if you currently don’t have an AC system make sure to check Ambrose Air, Inc. for some assiatnce. The last thing any person will want to do is suffer in the heat while working on making a love connection.

Studies show the preferred temperature for many homeowners during the summer months is 73-79 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this will vary based on many factors, and you should always do all you can to ensure your date is cool and comfortable.

Tip #4: Tidy up beforehand

You will want to take a few minutes and clean the home before your date is set to arrive. This can allow you to make the best impression and allow you to feel better in the process.

Additionally, cleaning the kitchen counter-tops is the ideal way to get rid of food crumbs. This could be the key to reducing the possibility of any pests or insects gathering in your home and being a nuisance.

The cleaner your home is, the greater chance you will have to impress rather than stress your first date!

Being able to find the right person to add to your life and spend time with is sure to be the ideal way to have a higher quality of life. It can be a real challenge to go through life alone and even more so if you’re raising a child all by yourself. The key to getting more joy out of life and feeling the love and support from another person may rest in finding a partner. When you rely on the tips listed above during the heat of summer, you may soon find that your love life has become very heated in the process!

About the author: Katherine Smith (Kat) is a San Diego based freelance writer who enjoys writing on a wide variety of fitness and entertainment topics. In her free time Kat enjoys the beach and playing volleyball with family and friends. Image: Thomas Leuthard

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