How to tell if your girlfriend is pregnant

Do you think that your girlfriend might be pregnant? How can you tell if she is showing the signs of pregnancy? The simple way would be to ask her how she is feeling. However, she may have her own reasons for keeping it from you. If she tells you everything is fine and you are still suspicious, here’s a list of pregnancy signs to look for.

5 Common Signs of Pregnancy

Fatigue – We aren’t talking about general laziness. If she is complaining that she is dead tired all the time, she may be pregnant. Pregnancy plays havoc with hormones, dropping blood sugar levels and increasing fatigue.

Morning sickness – From the second week of pregnancy, women may begin to feel nausea and vomiting. Science isn’t exactly clear on the reason why this happens, or why it varies in intensity from woman to woman. Some women don’t ever feel nausea throughout the pregnancy, while others may suffer with it for the entire term.

Sensitive or Swollen breasts – If she is complaining about sensitivity in her breasts, or you can see that they are visibly swollen, then she is likely pregnant. Rising levels of estrogen create sensitivity in the mammary glands, swelling the breast and nipples.

Sensitivity to Smell & Binge Eating – If your girlfriend is complaining about funny smells, or has strange cravings for weird foods she wouldn’t normally eat, then she may be pregnant.

Mood SwingsHas she been overly moody the last few weeks or days? Changes in hormone levels create irritability and moodiness.

Other places to check for signs that she is pregnant

Find her birth control and check to see if the date matches up. Check the trash for pregnancy tests that she may have used recently. Did she mention that her period is late? If so, go back to the trash and have a look for any used tampons.

Women are curious and if she is pregnant, chances are she will have Googled something about it. Check her browsing history for any related sites. Obviously, respect her privacy but there’s nothing wrong with checking around for a few hidden clues in the open.

Be a man and confront her

The only real way to solve your suspicion is to man up and confront your girlfriend on the issue at hand. Remember, you’re not leading an interrogation, you are looking to be supportive and understanding. If she is keeping it from you because she is afraid of your reaction, make sure that you clear the air and get your thoughts out in the open between the two of you.

Honesty is always the best policy and if you come across with a nurturing, caring manner, she will tell you if she knows.

What to do if she is not sure she is pregnant

If you have the big chat together and she confesses that she is not sure if she is pregnant, take a trip to the pharmacy and buy a home pregnancy test. The test works by analyzing her urine for the presence of hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), a hormone released during pregnancy.

If the result is positive, it’s time for another chat between the two of you and some planning for your future ahead, congratulations and good luck!

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