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How To Improve Female Fertility & Your Chances Of Becoming Pregnant

You’ve seen it in the movies and probably experienced it with family and friends, they simply think about being pregnant and then they are. Unfortunately, things are different in the real world. Men and women suffer from fertility issues. It’s estimated that one in nine couples have fertility issues.

If you suspect you have fertility issues you should visit your obstetrician Sydney. They can conduct the necessary tests and help you to find a path through the fertility maze to pregnancy.

Of course, there are things you can do to improve your fertility and these are worth trying. But, the success of these things will depend on what issues you are dealing with. That’s why it’s best to discuss any approach with your obstetrician first.

The following tips are to improve fertility, not simply to help you track your most fertile period and when to have intercourse.


If you’re carrying a few extra pounds then research suggests this can have a detrimental effect on your ability to become pregnant. Excess weight reduces the quality and quantity of your eggs.

The excess weight encourages a higher output of estrogen in your body, this affects the ovulation process and reduces the quality of egg production.

However, you should also note that being too thin can prevent you from ovulating altogether To boost fertility you need to maintain a healthy weight for your body size.


Your body needs a variety of nutrients to function properly. The level of vitamins and nutrients needed increases with pregnancy. That means you need to prepare your body beforehand by taking a prenatal vitamin supplement.

This must include folic acid which has been shown to reduce birth defects.

Stop The Bad Habits

In particular, you need to stop drinking and smoking. Both of these can reduce your fertility and potentially cause damage to a baby if you do get pregnant. You should also try to avoid secondhand smoke as this can have a detrimental effect on fertility.

Consider your Diet

Alongside maintaining a healthy weight you need to start considering what foods you are eating. You’ll want to increase your protein intake, eat more fiber, reduce processed foods, and eat plenty of high-fat dairy products.

These will all help to prepare your body and potentially increase your fertility.

Reduce Stress

One of the biggest killers of fertility is actually stress. When you’re stressed your body increases the production of cortisol and reduces other hormone levels. This prevents your body from preparing for pregnancy.

Reducing stress means making a journal of when you’re stressed. This will help you to identify what triggers a stressful situation. In many cases, you can avoid the situation. On others, you can simply learn breathing exercises and other stress-management techniques.

Reducing your stress won’t just help your fertility, it can also help prevent a variety of age-related diseases.

Don’t forget, the professionals are there to help. If you can’t get pregnant naturally there are many other options worth looking at.

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