The Work Life Balance as a Parent

work life balanceAs a father, it’s very easy to get sucked into the old fashioned role of “provider”. Now, a good dad will always provide in certain ways, as children are not able to care for their own physical and emotional needs. But it’s easy for this role to hijack the life of the hardworking dad.

Kids do need a provider, but they also need a friend, a mentor, a teacher, a protector, a strong steady presence. So if you’re a dad, try not to be so stressed out or over-focused on the economics of parenthood. Find a way to spend some time with your kids in the ways that matter.

One of the most important examples of this is to take a step back from work and go on vacation. If you don’t take vacations very often (and most people don’t, let’s face it), you may underestimate the power of this form of self-investment.

Vacations can be expensive, but if you choose the right holiday strategy, you could save a lot of money and find the expense well more than worth it. Here are some ways to do it if you’re on a budget (and who isn’t these days?).

Go All Inclusive

This isn’t the absolute cheapest way to go on vacation, but it may be the most efficient. There are many demands constantly on your shoulders as a dad. If you choose the wrong way to get away, you may find that there’s only MORE responsibility heaped on your already full plate.

Resorts and timeshares through DVC Resales often include all-inclusive packages that cover food, lodging, and a variety of activities for the whole family. With cleaning and other services provided much like with a hotel, you’ll be able to really take a load off, while your kids have plenty to do without you having to structure their time for them. If you’re a parent, you are probably already drooling over this possibility.

Go Au Natural

A cabin in the woods or a tent under the stars may be the way you relax best. You might find that your kids really love it too. There’s no better way to step out of the rat race than to go into the wilderness, cook on a campfire, and see things in the sky that are normally obscured by light pollution.

Camping and wilderness vacations are on the rise, as more people long for a way to step out of the madness of the modern world. If your kids are overly involved with technology, stressed out about social media, hyperactive from overstimulation, or otherwise beaten down by the way the world works, give them a chance to truly get away from it. The relaxation they experience on the journey will help them deal with life better when they get back.

Being a dad is tough, so you’ve got to take some time to relax with your kids. Go on vacation and take a break from being the provider/protector. You deserve it and your kids do too.

Photo by Spring Fed Images on Unsplash

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