Top 5 Driving Mistakes New Drivers Make

Teen and young drivers, whether they are in high school or college, often do not follow safety and driving rules after getting their license. Getting your driver’s license can be exciting and sometimes inexperienced drivers forget the rules and car safety. They often do not pay attention, drive too fast, use cell phones when driving, follow too closely, and go through red lights or stop signs.

1. Not Paying Attention

One of the biggest causes of accidents is talking or texting on cell phones when driving. When you are not looking at the road, that is when accidents occur from minor to serious. Drivers should pull over at a gas station, restaurant, or rest stop when they want to use their cell or smartphones. As much as 80% of car accidents occur due to inattention of some kind. Watching TV or fiddling with your radio or music player is another cause of accidents with young drivers. Technology can be distracting and learning to use it properly is important for driving safety. Having a passenger make a call for you or having them change the channel or put on the DVD is a better option.

2. Ignoring Speed Limits

New drivers in the excitement of driving often ignore speed limits and go too fast. This can lead them to get speeding tickets and endanger their lives and others. Accidents and crashes at high speeds often result in injury and death. In speeding, you often ignore other traffic rules when passing other vehicles. Drivers may pass on the wrong side and the other vehicle does not see them due to a blind spot. With too many speeding tickets and other violations, you can lose your license. New drivers should follow the speed limits and be aware of their speed on roads and highways. When a vehicle stops suddenly, when you are speeding, you may not be able to stop in time to avoid hitting it. Speeding is a violation of car safety rules.

3. Following Too Closely

Often, new drivers go fast and follow too closely behind other vehicles on the road or highway. They do not have patience and want to get where they are going quickly. This can lead to accidents when someone stops quickly, and you cannot. Driving too closely or parking too close to other vehicles in parking lots restricts their ability to get out of a space with ease. This can lead to your vehicle being dented and scratched when you are not present.

4. Drinking and Driving

Despite the legal drinking age, some teens and young adults have parties and find ways to get alcohol. If they are underage and get caught, they can lose their license. Not only that, driving while under the influence can lead to serious accidents and injuries for them and others. On average, there are 16,438 car accidents per day in the US. Many accidents are caused by drinking and driving. Parents should not have alcohol in the house, which is easy for teens and young adults to access. Do not allow your children to have parties when you are not home to supervise them. Talk with teens and young adults about the grave consequences of drinking and driving.

5. Getting the Wrong Car and Not Maintaining It

A car that is safe to drive and good on gas is an excellent choice for new drivers. A luxury or sports car is not always a good choice. New drivers may not have the money, so they buy used cars that have serious mechanical problems. An estimated 150,000 cars each year and 1% of the new cars sold are lemons. These cars have constant unfixable mechanical problems. Maintaining a car is an important part of car safety for new drivers, putting air in your tires, oil changes, and vehicle checkups.

These are some mistakes new drivers make that can affect their driving record and insurance rates. That’s why you should be getting the best car insurance for new drivers. New drivers should practice driving on the road, turning, parking, and following the rules to maintain car safety.

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