Things to Know Before Moving to Mexico

You finally decided to move to Mexico, ¬°Felicidades! (congratulations – you’ll hear lots of Spanish). Mexico is home to diverse cultures, beautiful beaches, and gorgeous deserts, much different than what’s portrayed in movies. However, you might be in for surprises if it’s your first time. But don’t worry; we’ve curated a list of must-know things before you move. Let’s jump right in.

You Need To Learn Spanish

While many people in Mexico speak English, the figure is less than 15%. For smooth communications, whether shopping or transacting, it’s imperative that you learn Spanish. It will come in handy if you hope to make friends. Learning a little Spanish will enrich your experience and your bank. The reason is transactions, whether looking for rentals or making purchases in the markets, are in Spanish. Don’t worry if you fumble pronunciation; the locals make an effort to understand.

The Population Is Richly Catholic

Many people living in Mexico take religion seriously. Yes, over 68% of them are catholic. But you don’t have to be a Catholic to stay in Mexico. However, courtesy expects you to respect their religion. The country’s patroness is our lady of Guadalupe, Mary, mother of Jesus, who is believed to have appeared to a peasant in 1531 and is the national symbol of identity, social justice, and motherhood.

The People Are Welcoming

Worried about your safety? Not in Mexico. The people here are friendly, a reason why the country consistently appears on the list of the most welcoming countries. You will be met with generous and charming hospitality characterized by large food portions and housewarming gifts. It will quickly feel like home.

The people are warm and receptive to visitors and will go out of their way to help you. Of course, you need to reciprocate this kindness. A tourist visa is enough to enjoy all this rich culture. It’s a bit different than moving to the United States. In the U.S., you are allowed to adjust your status if your spouse is a green card holder with a valid visa.

The Cost of Living Is Manageable

When you move to a new country, the biggest concern is the standard of living. A high standard of living in a foreign country can quickly prove a nightmare. But in Mexico, the healthcare costs for food, transport and clothes are significantly cheaper. You can easily furnish your new apartment. With as little as two dollars, your meals are sorted.

You’re in the Right Place to Experience Latin American Culture

Mexico is a country in North America, but it’s usually lumped together with South American countries in Latin America. The Spanish population has diverse cultures, including catholicism, which explains this phenomenon.

In addition, Mexico has a diverse culture characterized by ten traditional regions and over 60 languages. It’s a gateway to Latin America, and it will make you want to explore Central and South America. With Google Maps, you are good to go for accurate locations. According to, President Bill Clinton ended the selective availability in May 2000 to make GPS more responsive.

Getting an Apartment Can Be Tricky

Well, it’s not all rosy down the southern border. A realtor might need a guarantor to get an apartment. Typically, a guarantor is a property owner. Once you get a house, you can remodel it to your taste using modern or classic features. According to Home Stratosphere, only 3.7% of homes have a rustic entryway.

Are you moving to Mexico? You have made a good choice. You will experience an incredible culture of warm people, diverse culture, and beautiful sceneries. Explore our websites for more traveling tips to Mexico.