Tips for Helping Your Teen Choose Their First Car

If it has finally come time for your teen needs to choose their first car, you can help them make the best decision possible. The five tips below will help you with this, so read them and share them with your teen to improve their chances of car safety while they drive around.

Educate Them About the Investment

Everybody knows that it takes hard work to make money that will enable you to get the things you want, but teens may be a bit naive about this fact. Make sure that they understand that a car is an investment and that they need to take good care of it so they can keep it for a longer time and reap the rewards of being good drivers. Let them know that cars are costly and it’s important to consider the purchase with the utmost care so they can avoid being part of the 41% of buyers that regretted their purchase despite thinking they wouldn’t. They also don’t want to be in the 30% that was neutral prior to the purchase but regretted it afterward.

Lead By Example

To ensure that your teen understands the responsibility carried by having a car, set an example from the word go. Never drive over the speed limit or get distracted while you drive, and always make sure that your car is in good condition by working on repairs immediately and scheduling regular maintenance for it.

When you advise your teen to do the same, they will be more likely to follow your advice if it’s based on actions that you take yourself.

Set the Ground Rules

Before going out to shop for a car, help your teen stay safe on the road by giving them a lesson or two about car safety. About 1.8% of the over 26 million licensed drivers in California, according to statistics from the CDC, have admitted to driving after they’ve had too much to drink. This is another one of the things that you should strongly caution your teen against so they can maintain their safety and that of others while on the road. Outline the dangers that come with breaking these rules and enforce them so that your teen will see the importance of sticking to them and staying safe in the long run.

Let Them Know the Most Important Features

As a more experienced driver and car owner, you likely know the most important features to look for in a car. While your teen may focus on looks and other vanities, guide them well so they understand that there’s a lot more to a car than just looks and speed. Tell them about the implications of the car they pick on insurance so they know how to avoid paying unnecessarily high premiums to get good coverage. When you impart this knowledge to them, they will be a lot more likely to think critically about the car they want.

Educate Them About Used Versus New Cars

Finally, while your teen may be keen on getting a brand new car, take time to talk to them about the implications of getting a new one versus a used one. About 30 million people in America currently use pawnshops every single year, using their property as collateral against which they can secure a loan. Share this fact with your teen to help them understand that it’s possible to buy cars from pawnshops and other second-hand dealers that have not been in an accident and that will serve them well on top of being easy on the pocket.

The five lessons above will stay with your teen for the rest of their lives, so make sure to share them. When they have a lifetime of good car purchases, they will have you to thank and you will be glad to have made a positive impact in this way.

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