Passing Your Driving Test: Three Things To Avoid

Three things you should never do if you want to pass your driving test

driving testPreparation is the key to giving yourself the best possible chance of passing a driving test. This includes getting plenty of driving practice, and making sure you know the state rules and regulations. If you want to keep testing your knowledge as you learn, check out this link to take some online tests.

No matter what, there are certain things that you should never do when you are taking your driving test. This article is about three of those things; all of which could lead to you failing the test.

Do not take your test in an unfamiliar vehicle

If you have been learning to drive in a specific vehicle, you should take your test in it. Swapping to a different vehicle to take your test is only likely to make you more nervous. It’s easier to pass your test in a vehicle that is familiar to you. You know what the vehicle drives like and you are used to the way various parts of the vehicle respond.

Some people learn to drive in a manual car, but take their test in an automatic vehicle because there is less to think about when driving an automatic. If you are going to do this, then you should at least get a significant amount of practice in the automatic car, before you take your test.

Do not cram at the last minute

It’s common to see people looking up road signs and traffic regulations just before they take a driving test. The truth is that you should make sure you know all the relevant knowledge well before this. It’s certainly worth getting some practice in the day before the test, but then you should concentrate on relaxing. If you keep going over information right up to the time of the test, you are only going to feel more anxious.

Do not stay up late the night before your driving test

You need to be alert, to give yourself the best chance of passing a driving test. Therefore, you need to get plenty of sleep the night before the test. Not getting enough sleep can have an adverse effect on your concentration levels. No matter how good a driver you think you are, lowered concentration can be a major factor in you failing the test.

Most people need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night, so allow yourself enough time to get this amount. Do something relaxing before you go to bed, such as taking a warm bath. Once you get into bed, make sure the room is as dark as possible, as this helps you to sleep more soundly.

There is no guarantee that you will pass your driving test, but it helps if you do everything you can to give yourself the best chance of success. Not making the mistakes we have mentioned in this article is a step in the right direction.

[Image: Oregon DOT]

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