How to Help Your Teenager Take Care of Their Teeth

Being a parent to teenagers is always demanding. From helping them learn how to drive to preparing for their first date, it’s always challenging being a parent. However, you probably have not given much thought to advising your teens on how to care for their teeth. Believe it or not, teens are not taking care of their teeth as well as you think, and they need our help. Here are some great parenting tips to help your teen achieve the perfect smile for years to come.

Stick to Healthy Foods

Teenagers love junk food, and it can be hard to monitor what they eat, especially since they have more autonomy than younger kids. Encourage different ways to help your teens choose better options for their teeth. One idea is to try healthy alternatives when dining out. Sushi is a great option for your next family outing, as it does not harm dental health. Sushi has been around for over a century and has been viewed as a healthy food selection. In fact, according to Traveler’s Universe, sushi originated in Tokyo around 1824. Another tip is to give our teenagers healthy drinking options, including water or low-sugar drinks. Sugar is the main culprit for cavities and other dental problems. Also, drinking water helps wash away food particles that can cause cavities. It also helps prevent plaque buildup on the teeth.

It’s OK to Change Your Dentist

Your teeth need the most maintenance of any body part. As a parent, you should be picky about which dentist you trust with your teen’s teeth. Many people remain with the same dentist for years, and it’s no surprise. We all want a nurturing, detail-oriented dentist who listens to our concerns. Also, a great dentist can catch any potential issues with your teen’s teeth and address them immediately. Many children and teens also need braces; your dentist can recommend you to a reputable orthodontist. There is a wide selection of available dentists where you live to find one who you mesh with. According to the American Dental Association, there are nearly 203,000 active dental professionals as of 2022.

Go Natural

There’s a trend to use more natural products for our bodies, including for our teeth. Research shows teens love to use all-natural products. Nearly 90% of the Gen Z population buys natural products for their skin. You’ll find your teenager prefers the taste of natural products, which can have the same effect without the necessary chemicals or additives. You can explore different brands and flavors to see which one your teen likes the best. Encouraging the use of natural products by explaining the benefits to your teen and the environment will surely get them on board.

Don’t Neglect Routine Care

Going to the dentist is not usually on a list of favorite things, regardless of age. Dental cleanings should occur at least twice a year. Additionally, you’ll want to encourage your teen to floss their teeth twice a day. Other tips include changing the toothbrush approximately every three months, using soft-bristled toothbrushes, and using mouthwash with fluoride. These small changes can help teenagers develop great habits that will carry them into adulthood.

Use a Mouthguard for Active Teens

Active teens should always use a mouthguard. You can protect yourself against unexpected chips or tooth loss using a mouthguard. Dentists can also help create custom mouthguards for teens with braces or sensitive teeth. Teens already have adult teeth, and you’ll want to take every precaution to protect them.

It’s not difficult to help your teenagers take care of their teeth. It boils down to consistency and knowledge. Once you implement some routines, you can help your teen achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.