Teaching Your Teen About Danger On the Road

When your teenager begins driving, it can be an exciting time. However, they also need to be aware of all the dangers they may have to deal with on the road. Motor vehicle accidents make up over half of all personal injury cases, making them very common and potentially deadly. Road safety is an essential part of learning how to drive, so make sure that you’ve taught your child everything they need to know. Here are some of the most important car safety tips they’ll need.

Set a Zero-Tolerance Rule

Drinking and driving can have devastating consequences. If nobody is hurt, Maryland drivers might expect a year in jail or a $1000 fine for a first DUI offense. But there is also the potential to hurt yourself or others on the road. Your child needs to know this before they begin driving.

So, you should set a zero-tolerance rule for your entire household. Not only will this directly impact your child as well, but they will also learn from the example that you set by following the rules yourself. Talk to your child and make sure they understand what driving under the influence means. Many people think that driving “buzzed” is okay, but it is still a DUI. If your teenager understands what a DUI is and what the family rules are, they will be able to make good choices on the road.

Don’t Speed

Speed is a major factor in car accidents. Even if the driver is sober, driving too quickly makes it more difficult to stop or control the car. Accidents at these speeds are also more deadly. Since teens are likely to speed, you should make sure that your child knows what the consequence could be when they drive over the speed limit.

Even if they don’t get in an accident, speeding will get them pulled over. State and highway patrol will easily catch them speeding on the highway. While only 11% of their vehicles had cameras in 2000, about 72% have them today. This means that not only will they be caught, there is also video evidence of that fact. A speeding ticket can be expensive and cause your family’s auto insurance for your teen to go up. Too many can risk their license. So, make sure they understand their responsibilities.

Avoid Distractions

One of the biggest dangers to car safety is distracted driving. Your teen needs to be aware of how distractions can impact their focus and driving skills before they begin driving on their own or with friends. Discuss the biggest potential distractions, and then talk about ways to mitigate them. This might include things like not driving friends as they get used to being on the road. Or it could mean turning off their phone in the car. If your teen is aware of the distractions they might face, they will be better prepared to avoid them.

Maintain Open Communication

The best way to keep your teenager safe on the road is by maintaining open communication. If they feel safe coming to you with questions or concerns, they’ll be more likely to get the knowledge they need in order to practice car safety as they drive. Listen to them without judgment, and make sure they know they can talk to you about any concerns.

Car safety is an essential part of learning how to drive. If your teen is about to hit the road, make sure you’ve taught them about the dangers they might deal with. If they’re prepared, they’ll be in a better position to resist temptations and focus on what they’re doing. These four tips can get you started teaching them what to do.

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