Shopping Tips for New Moms – Saving Money is an Art Form

Every mom on the planet knows that finding deals on household necessities is more complicated than it looks. Scoring topnotch bargains are equal parts art and science. Coming up with a reliable bargain-hunting regimen will improve your odds of success. Here are some shopping hacks every mom can bank on.

Load Online Carts and Wait

Nowadays, every major vendor on the market tracks your buying cycle based on mouse clicks. If you show hesitation, they’ll usually goad you with discounts to seal the deal. Filling a digital shopping cart without buying will result in an email discount offer within an hour.

Buy Items at the Right Time

While Black Friday is great for saving on top toys for Christmas in 2019, it doesn’t help with weekly purchases. Many companies offer regular discounts on web purchases between Tuesday and Thursday. Keep an eye on promotional codes from businesses that you frequently patronize to rake in the mid-week savings.

Follow the Right Coupon Blogs

There are plenty of financially savvy moms out there who scour the web for deals and share their findings. Some of the more popular coupon blogs include Hip 2 Save, Coupon Mom, and Bargain Babe. These blogs feature coupons for everyday items from a variety of major vendors.

Say Yes to Promotional Emails

Every merchant will try to get you to sign up for email announcements when you make a purchase. While it can be tempting to say no, you can save plenty by saying yes. Monitor the quality of the offers you get and use to ditch unproductive subscriptions.

Use Amazon Subscribe & Save

If you have a regular purchasing schedule for household goods, Amazon Subscribe & Save can be a big help. Users can buy in bulk and have their purchases delivered monthly with this service. What’s more, you can save up to 15% by buying in advance.

Compare Prices with Browser Extensions

It’s hard to overstate the importance of browser extensions when it comes to saving money on web purchases. Extensions like PriceBlink, PriceGrabber, Honey, and Camelizer allow users to pinch pennies with every transaction. Many of these services offer mobile apps that support barcode recognition for in-store price comparisons.

Patronize Members-Only Stores

When it comes to value, Costco and Sam’s Club are hard to beat if you have a growing family. Getting the most out of membership stores comes down to knowing which items to avoid during monthly shopping binges. Membership stores offer great bargains on non-perishable foods and many ready-to-eat meals.

Shop at Discount Stores Wisely

While they don’t have the best reputation for quality, discount stores can be bargain bonanzas if you pick your merchandise carefully. Buying kitchenware at T.J.Maxx and furniture at Big Lots will generally result in positive outcomes. Disposable plastic goods are best left to places like Family Dollar.

Join Every Rewards Program You Can

Rewards programs from major merchants are always a good idea if you don’t have to divulge too much information to join. Outfits like Target and Kohl’s will reward you handsomely for your customer loyalty. A few minutes, filling out applications can save you hundreds in a few short years.

The Key to Long-Term Savings

Knowledge is your most potent weapon in the fight to save money on the goods you need most. Spending an hour per month staying abreast of the latest bargain-hunting tactics will yield serious dividends. For the time being, the tips mentioned here are guaranteed to work wonders.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin @belart84

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