Safety Features to Look for in a Vehicle for Your Teen Driver

In 2021, about 14.9 million light vehicle (cars, trucks, and SUVs) units were sold in the United States. With a range of vehicles available, you may have several questions and concerns when it’s time to buy a safe and reliable car for your teen driver. We understand — and we’re here to help! We’ve created a handy guide on the top car safety features you should look for in your teen’s new or pre-owned vehicle. Let’s dive in!

Consider Insurance

Having top safety technology helps keep your teen safe while behind the steering wheel and helps lower your insurance costs. You can contact your insurance provider for more details about costs and how top car safety features can save you money.

Rearview Camera

It takes time for a teen to become an experienced driver, so having safety technology like a rearview camera gives added peace of mind that they’re safe when behind the wheel. Rearview cameras help maneuver in and out of tight parking spots and see any pets and pedestrians behind your vehicle as you back up. More specifically, a rearview camera with added technology features may be something to keep an eye out for!

Blind-Spot Monitoring System

This innovative technology uses radar sensors on the rear bumper or cameras and works to alert the driver when a vehicle is getting close to either side of the car. While the visual alert is indicated on the rearview mirrors, it can also appear on the head-up display or A-pillars. Accidents often happen when the driver can’t see the vehicle in their blind spot, so this technology helps prevent accidents.


All vehicles, new and used, are equipped with airbags. Most vehicles come equipped with six airbags, so you can rest easy knowing your child is safe and protected if they’re ever involved in a crash.

Alarm System

All new and pre-owned vehicles include an alarm system to ensure your car remains protected, whether you’re at home, school, or running errands a few towns over. With more than 16,000 home and car lockouts happening every day in the United States, you’ll want to ensure your teen has a spare key in your home to prevent getting locked out of their vehicle.

Lane Departure Warning

This safety technology monitors your vehicle’s position within the lane. If your car begins drifting near or over the line markings, you’re alerted to prevent your vehicle from moving into another lane and potentially causing a collision.

Rear-Cross Traffic Alert

This is an excellent technological feature for those who drive in a busy city, as it monitors traffic crossing behind your vehicle as you’re backing out of a driveway on a busy street or a tight parking spot in a crowded area. Newer vehicles have reverse emergency braking that automatically stops your car if there’s oncoming cross traffic.


Many newer cars have an app to download, which will give your teen updates about keeping up with their vehicle’s maintenance, like oil and filter changes. In fact, a transmission has oil and a filter that should be changed every 20,000 to 30,000 miles or every 18 months! With the help of a handy app, your teen will have all the information they need about their vehicle’s maintenance as well as features.

As a parent, your teen’s safety is important. Keep these features in mind as you browse vehicle choices. Better safe than sorry!