Keep Your Child Happy and Safe by Renovating When Necessary

Renovating a home is often a necessary process, but it can be made more complicated by the presence of children in the household. Homes frequently need to be updated, renovated, or remodeled, but this process can be stressful for the youngest family members. Let’s discuss some tips for renovating a house while keeping children in the home as safe and happy as possible.

Update Your Home as Necessary

It’s important to renovate your home as necessary, whether you’ve got children or grandchildren living in the house. Actually, the percentage of the population who are aging makes up nearly 50% of the homeowners who have decided to renovate, so if you’re remodeling with grandchildren underfoot, you’re in good company. Either way, it’s important to handle the updates when they’re most needed, instead of waiting for children to age. This helps create a healthy environment for all family members, so that everyone can be as safe as possible.

Prepare Children in the Home for Renovations

Careful parenting is important as you get ready to renovate your home. Spend some time discussing the renovations that will be needed in an age appropriate manner. Explain to children living in the house what will be happening, and what they can expect. Tell them what rooms will be being remodeled and how you expect the process to work. Will their bedroom be being repainted or changed? Will they still have access to the bathroom and kitchen? Will they be able to get to the area where they’re used to finding their toys? These answers will be important to them, so take the time to explain to them how the renovations will affect them personally. Check the Asphalt

As you work through your home renovations, be sure to check the asphalt. Asphalt has a lifespan of around 10 to 12 years when it’s maintained properly. However, after this age, or if it’s not well cared for, it may begin to crack and split. This can cause hazards. Your children may trip over the large cracks, or they may scrape or cut themselves on the rougher surfaces. Replacing the asphalt regularly can help ensure that your kids have a smooth, safe surface to play on.

Repaint Interior Walls

Be sure to evaluate your interior walls for chipping paint, especially in older homes. Chipping lead paint can be a safety hazard, and you’ll need to repaint the interior walls and handle any remodeling and demolition of these areas very carefully. Your contractor should be able to handle this process for you, and advise you if there are time periods that you need to keep the children away from until they’ve repainted with latex paint. Luckily, latex paint dries in only two to three hours and is safe for a second coat in just four to five hours, so your kids should be able to regain access to these areas quite quickly.

Keep a Safe Space for the Children

Set aside a safe area for your children or grandchildren to play during the renovations. This will help keep them out of the way and safe from any dangerous materials. You may want to keep the kids in a specific room, hire a babysitter, or even move them to a different area entirely while you renovate. This helps eliminate anxiety about children being around tools, paints, solvents, and other hazardous materials.

Renovating a home that children are living in can be a stressful proposition. However, if you plan to work on home renovations with kids at home, it’s important to keep them safe and limit their exposure to dangerous conditions. You’ll also need to make sure that the work that you do to the home helps make it as safe as possible for the children who’ll live there.

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