Is Your Child Ready for a New Stepparent? 5 Signs to Buy a Ring!

Blending two families, even if it’s just adding a stepparent to one, can be a sensitive matter so it should be done right. Read on to see five signs that your child is ready for a new stepparent and get ready to buy a ring and live happily ever after as a newly formed family.

1. Your Child Likes Spending Time With Them

If your child enjoys spending time with your new partner, then this is a great sign that they are ready for the next step. Your child should be free to be themselves whenever they are around your partner. This will show that they aren’t afraid or resentful of them and they are therefore willing to form a positive relationship with them. It should be easy to tell that your child likes spending time with your spouse as a parent. If they don’t put up resistance or come up with excuses every single time when you have a shared excursion with your partner, then it may be right for you to proceed to make it permanent.

2. Your Child Doesn’t Act Out at the Mention of the Stepparent-to-Be

Your child may be secretly resentful of your partner, and if they are too young to express themselves, this could lead to them acting out when it’s time to meet with your partner or hang out together. They may cry and throw tantrums, and you shouldn’t ignore these. If they don’t do this when you bring up your partner or something that’s generally associated with them, then you may be ready to bring everyone together and form a family.

3. Your Child Is Comfortable in Their Care

No matter how old your child is, they have a way to express themselves in different scenarios and when they feel different emotions. If there are times when you have had to leave your child in their care and there were no issues, then this is a good sign. If your child doesn’t put up resistance when you try to leave them in your partner’s care again, then this means that they are comfortable being with them. A third or 6.7 million children, according to data from the Census Bureau, regularly receive care from a non-relative. This includes 4.8 million children who attend a daycare facility or an organized preschool. Parenting is never easy, but it can be better to do when you have some help.

4. Your Child Accepts to Let Go of the Past

Another sign that you are ready to proceed to make your partner a permanent addition to your family is if your child is open to the future and all it holds. Letting go of their past does not mean that they erase any memories that they had before their partner came into their lives. It simply means that they will be okay with doing new activities with their new stepparent. When they are open to making new traditions in your current family, this should show you that they are ready to welcome your partner into their lives.

5. Your Child’s Made Comments About Being a Family

Finally, if your child talks about the future and includes your partner in it, this may show that they see them in the future and they are ready for this eventuality. They should be happy when doing this and not sad and withdrawn. This way, you can tell that your child won’t have a hard time accepting your partner into their life to play a parenting role alongside yourself.

If these signs are all present, then you can go ahead and start shopping for a new ring. You may choose to get a diamond ring, as diamonds are not only the strongest mineral on earth but also rank an impressive 10 on the Mohs scale. They are the natural world’s most concentrated form of pure carbon and also look amazing to boot!

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