How to Raise Happy & Healthy Children?

To every parent, children are a huge source of pride and happiness. If you have a child or a few of them, your best wish would be to see them succeed in life and grow up to be important people… people of substance in society. However, their successes and achievements will largely depend on their health and happiness (or satisfaction) in life growing up. This is mainly because stress, sadness, and similar emotions, as well as poor health, are morale killers that could drastically change the path of any human being, especially in their tender age. This means that as a parent, it is important to make efforts to try and make your child’s early life a happy and healthy one. This having been said, here are some pointers you want to read on how to raise happy and healthy children.

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Insist On Active Habits

In addition to the fact that kid’s play promotes development, there’s a deep connection between activity and happiness. According to BBC reporter Katherine Sellgren, play can help enhance a child’s problem-solving skills, learning skills, and language development. It also has a positive impact on kids’ attitudes, behavior, mood, and happiness. This is not to forget that exercise is healthy, and when you train your children to be active from when they’re young; you’re actually building the foundation for them to lead a healthy lifestyle even when they’re all grown up.

Let Them See the World

As they grow up, kids are always curious about things. It is their most important learning phase and they always feel good when they learn or discover new things. Every new experience, adventure or piece of knowledge feels like an invention to them. Instead of leaving them locked up in your home with a nanny, for instance, experienced moms and dads in parenting at suggest letting them ride along during vacations and frequent travels for them to see the world. For those of you whose child is still so tiny and angelically innocent, you may want to carry along baby equipment such as a stroller, baby car seat/carrier, breast pumps, bassinets, and other pieces of baby equipment to make your trip more enjoyable for you and your little DNA copy.

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Feed Them Healthy Food

When it comes to raising kids and ensuring that they live a happy and healthy life, the importance of sticking to a proper diet routine cannot be overemphasized. Instead of feeding junk and fast food to your kids when growing up, it’s best to emphasize on greens, fruits, and whole foods that will make them grow stronger and healthier. After all, no child will come back to thank you as a parent after growing up to be overweight or obese. Additionally, being called fat and despised for it by their peers at school can be a huge morale killer, an ordeal that no parent would want their kids to face.

Discover Their Likes & Talents

Did you know that your son loves baseball? Did you attend that ballet class or contest that your daughter invited you to last month? Did you even care to buy a gift for your son after he won that singing contest or art gallery last week? Well, if you don’t, you might be the reason they hate you, hate themselves or hate the life they live. You might be the reason they’re unhappy, which often leads to stress and sadness, two things that don’t go well with good health at all.

Cultivate Their Connections

No man is an island and apart from a few who are just wired that way, no child feels happy being a loner. Another way to make your kid’s childhood happy and healthy is by promoting his or her emotional well-being, which would simply be done by helping them feel more connected. Expert child psychiatrists suggest that to help him lead a happy and healthy life, try to encourage their connection to friends, neighbors, peers, family members, and most importantly you and the co-parent. By so doing, they feel more appreciated, understood, liked, and acknowledged, especially teens. This could even prevent them from getting involved with societal vices and behaviors such as drinking, drug use, while also protecting them from emotional distress and suicidal thoughts, something which is apparently common in teenage years.

Go Slow On the Rod & Allow Them Some Freedom

More often than not, many parents tend to be to astern or harsh to their kids in an attempt to instill discipline. Sometimes it happens without their knowledge. However, no one is ever happy when their freedom is denied or limited. It doesn’t mean that you look the other way every time your kid does something wrong, but letting things slide (of course with a firm warning) every once in a while can do more good than heavily punishing them or denying them their freedom. Instead of beating him up, you may also consider “grounding” them, which may involve disallowing certain treats that they may be used to, including watching TV, going out, playing video games, and other stuff they like doing for fun. It’s a way of denying happiness now and promoting it in the future.

Parenting is no joke, especially if you have more than one or two kids. As a responsible mom or dad, however, you know all too well that it is your core task as soon as you get into parenthood. Thanks to the tips above, your experience can become less daunting and you will have to deal with fewer struggles when trying to raise your kids happy and healthy.

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