How to Overcome the Stresses of Bedwetting

As you are drifting off into your dreams and enjoying the images of your carefree youthful days you are quickly awoken by a light tapping sound…Uh oh…you know that sound. This is the tap of a young child in need. A child facing embarrassment, discomfort, and of course exhaustion. “I had an accident.” You don’t even have to be fully awake to realize the ramifications of this so simple, yet completely frustrating statement in the middle of the night. This is when you begin to start kicking yourself for not picking up the bed wetting sheets the last midnight potty party you had.

We all know what this entails. First you help out the little one. You have to be on his/her team for this one. As much as you want to vent your frustrations, it is important to comfort your child as well. They are embarrassed and don’t like these midnight alarm clocks either. Let your child know that this is no big deal; we all did it when we were little and it’s just a part of being a kid. You don’t need to be throwing out high fives or anything either, but a little support during this awkward stage of growing up can go a long way.

Now it’s time to go into clean up mode. Help change your kid, and use a baby wipe or warm wet wash cloth to clean them up a bit. No one likes going to bed smelling like a urinal. You can throw the baby wipes in the microwave for a few seconds to heat them up also. Who would want to be rubbed down by a cold napkin in the middle of the night? Next, you are going to have to pull all the sheets and blankets off. Have your child assist you with this step so they can feel like they are helping you. Next, if you are lucky enough to have remembered to throw on a bed-wetting mat, I am sure you are hearing “We Are The Champions” playing through your head right now. Clean up is a breeze with these little beauties. Switch it for a new one and you are good to go. If you haven’t however, you will need to clean the mattress and give it some time to dry. You can use a blow dryer after you clean it, or you can just place a few towels on the bed under the sheets. Just remember to wash the towels the next day and to let the bed fully air dry.

Give your kid a big old hug, and remind them to go to the bathroom one more time before bed. No big deal right? Well no matter how exhausted and tired you are, you need to brush this off for your kid. They don’t like it either, and the sooner both of you can come to terms with the necessary evil, you will both rest a bit more easy. You can also try some bed wetting underpants if the problem is still happening often enough. Make sure that after your gets ready for bed, they at least try to use the bathroom before crawling under the covers. If the problem seems to be continuing you can always set up an appointment with the pediatrician to get some more information, and to make sure that everything is operating just as it should. Mission accomplished; now you can crawl back into your comfy slumber, and start counting those darn sheep.

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