How to Make Your Home a Space of Safety & Positivity for Your Kids

Raising children is the biggest responsibility an adult can undertake. Parents have an obligation to raise good, healthy, and stable children to the best of their abilities. Good parenting is the most important aspect of raising children in a family home.

The role of a parent can be stressful, emotional, and exhausting but it is also a rewarding experience and a great privilege. Every parent wants their child to feel safe, secure, and happy within the family home, but what does that mean? How does one ensure their home is a place of safety and positivity for children?

The Importance Of A Stable Home Environment

What is a stable home environment exactly? The factors that contribute to a stable home environment range from socio-economic status, emotionally and mentally stable parents, safe neighborhoods, good schooling, and being free of abuse, neglect or conflict. Of course, this does not mean that single parents or low-income parents cannot create stable and loving environments. The situation is different from family to family, but the emphasis is on a conflict-free home.

Abuse, neglect, and conflict are the exact opposite of loving, engaged, and positive homes. Children should be removed from unsafe and negative situations as this will impact on their development and produce a lifetime of mental and emotional struggles for them to deal with.

Children thrive in families where they are respected, loved, and nurtured. Their emotional and mental wellbeing affects every aspect of their developing lives and if it comes from a place of positivity and security, they tend to do better in the world as adults. Thus, the importance of a safe and positive space is crucial to raising confident and stable children.

What Children Need

In addition to basic rights, children need nurturing and positive spaces where they are encouraged to learn through play and experience. Children learn from experiences as infants, reinforcing positive behaviors and setting good examples to growing children is essential for happy children.

Creating a safe environment for children to grow up in does not only mean security or protection from external dangers but extends to the psychological realm. Intimidation, anger, and hostility are the antithesis of a safe and positive home environment. Parents who have chronic negative feelings can address them in order to remedy the situation effectively. This may mean seeking psychological or spiritual intervention in order to heal and provide the stability the home environment thrives on.

The Holistic Approach

Unfortunately, life happens and circumstances beyond a parent’s control can affect their homes and children. Death, divorce, financial strain, and disease can all affect homelife in detrimental ways. In addition to psychological counseling, spiritual healing can be an effective tool in remedying the negative home space due to strife or conflict.

Energy healers, such as Daerick Lanakila provide alternative ways to balance, realign, and bring back the good energy equilibrium within oneself and the home. Energy healers have great success in healing adults who are struggling with emotional or spiritual issues that have an adverse effect on their home life. By focusing on the energy blockages within the spiritual realm and recreating the positive energy equilibrium, inner healing and peace can take place. This inner healing sets the tone for positive experiences and auras to once again flow in any environment including the home.

It is possible to remedy negative situations within one’s home life and provide a healthy and happy home for not only your children to thrive in, but for yourself too. The plethora of benefits a safe and positive home holds for growing children set the tone for happy and stable adults later on in life. Focus on creating a nurturing safe place for yourself and your children and you can rest assured they will thank you later.

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